Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Winter solstice 2013


Usually there seems to be magic in the air at this time of year. 

An Ice Storm blessed our region with plenty of beautiful sights.    It just takes a moment to notice. 


While all of that was being created,
this is how I spent my time, attending to a few cards I want to get out while enjoying a lovely spot of tea..

Still much to get done.  I know , but I think my inner child wants to go for a car ride and see what else is visable in our neighborhood. 
Today is glorious!
Just look at those magnificent sentries guarding our path to the river.
My photos are not doing this scene justice, that sunshine is making all the ice coverings just sparkle and look magical!


Deborah said...

Have a wonderful holiday, Jane!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just read another blog with ice pictures - eastern Ontario - and then clicked on yours and there's that gorgeous photo at the top. I hope you stayed warm and have really enjoyed the beauty outside without suffering inside!