Friday, June 13, 2014

triskaidekaphobia or Friday the 13th phobia

That is not a trait I have.     I just find it neat that this June's Full Moon (aka: Strawberry Moon or also known as the Honey Moon) falls on the same day as Friday the 13th.  Not that we could see the moon in our area with all the rain fall.

 My apologies to my readers and followers of the inactivity here lately. In the future I hope to post at least once a month of whatever highlights are going on. But the yard and gardens have been taking most of my time with my abilites and energies.

I've been planting whenever I can between raindrops, extreme heat with that humidity or errands pulling me away, it's amazing that anything has really been done..... but the gardens are really taking great shape, the process is close to getting completed, YEAH ME!!!.   Synchronistically an email highlight I received today from Neale Donald Walsch  states:  ...that when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, it is not beneficial to go out and build more tunnels.
Message received, LOL!

My sewing and quilting though have taken a third row seat with all the gardening chores I've been attending, besides of course medical appointments, grandchildren tending and the normal duties that eat up my time. Notice that's a third row seat not even a back seat!

First up, I'll share a photo of my March UFO finish.  Just in time for 2015, I'm not late, I'm early!  LOL 
This was one of my finishes from the annual quilt retreat I attend in March with Trudy. 
Actually worked on the binding on National Binding Day.  Purely just by coincidence. 

We  had a blast as usual.   Great time reconnecting with friends and also got some UFOs progressed with.  A win win situation.  My double four patch is all assembled together for the center area, next is the border treatments.  Will be using both that WOW and the bolder lime green for it sometime in my future.

The blocks consist of fabrics I've had in my stast for years.  This dark purple floral print in the center was leftovers from a top I made my baby girl back in 1978 or something like that.  Great to see all those family fabrics thrown into this quilt top.

Also at the retreat I finished a couple of pillowcases with fabric I've had in since forever it seems. 

Mardee's quilt she uses on her bed that I'd love to make some time.  What a sweet little quilt.

Trudy was working on a fantastic Leaf quilt.  It is the last promise made for a friend's family (made from Cherl's start and  stash).  I know I have a picture of it somewhere but think it might be on my phone camera that I need to download.  Will share a photo of it when I find it. 
My PGD#1 has been crafting as well.  She's made so many of these rubber band bracelets that she's been taking and making orders from her friends at school.  She's only charging $1.00 per band and is becoming quite the entrepeneur. 
And the youngest grandson is a joy and loves assembling puzzles.  A nice family activity that we all enjoy.

It was rather late, but we finally got the fruit trees pruned and our oldest tree looks heathier for it.  Probably no fruit for this one this year but that's okay with me.  We are true gardeners at heart and will sacrifice now to enjoy the harvest later if need be.

Much has been going on will be back to share more soon.