Saturday, October 4, 2014

October Goals

I figured to help push me to getting some quilty things progressed and even finished, I'd propose what I want to complete in October on this forum.  So I plan to finish:

1- Shepards' Bush counted cross stitch design Scissor fob, Scaredy sheep.

2-A fall runner for this oak sofa table I saw, then bought this table along the side of the road during one of my travels, what a deal!  Didn't fit where I first thought it could,  but then came up with an alternative that works just right.

3-Table Mat with the Boo!  A kit purchased a year or two ago through Connecting Threads.

There is a challenge up at Fiber of all Sorts. called ALYF (a Lovely Year of Finishes) so I'll attritube that Table Mat project for my October finish there.  Hopefully this will keep me on track and supply the mojo needed to succeed!

I did complete a few items throughout my summer and early fall, inserting a very happy grin here.

This pile of fabric was turned into this quilt top:
The panel was by Sarah Jane via Michael Miller called Wee wanders.  Fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.  So that makes another top I need to get quilted and bound. 
I was able to get a community project quilt for my local CVQG guild finished.  Got it layered, quilted and bound also but never grabbed a photo of it.
I still have another community quilt for my oother guild, WFQG.  It needs to get layered, quilted and bound;
THEN a quilt my grand daughter made for a young boy in Nicaragua I still need to layered, quilted and bound;
AND  then those 3 quilts I never finished quilting from last years quilt show need more quilting.  

Houston, I am seeing a pattern here.  
Next month perhaps I should make one of those my priority, now that's an idea, PROMISE!

A mola purse I purchased and started years ago while at a Quilt show in Pennsylavania I think.  I finished adding my>bling< to it while camping in Vermont.  Savorski crystals from Cheri's crystals in Texas were used.  While rummaging through this UFO project box, I thought another project I finished in September, a Jenny Beyer - quilters sidekick could use a little flash too.  In fact, I just ordered a few more packages since I didn't have any black, jet or hematite colored crystals.

Not  sure if I want to highlight that paisley design on the front, or  perhaps a large J or E for my name placed katty-wompus on the cover somewhere.
I just threw in a couple of bills and a colored pamphlet so you could see it in use.

This kit was a quick project to get done.  It will be nice way to carry around a sewing project is what I'm thinking. 

There are still other bits I was able to get done.  I will be back to share when I think of them and have more time to share.
The cupcake kids meet this afternoon and I've got to get going. 


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