Friday, November 7, 2014

Going smoothly...

Things are going smoothly around here, despite the snow that started falling.  I am not ready, please make it stop! 
DH has left the hot tub open longer this season and it'll have to be closed soon. Inserting my whiniest voice for that, Sitting in it daily makes it so much easier for me.  When that's closed all the solar lighting will have to be stored as well as the last few other items that need tending so we can bunker down for the winter.

Our neighbor had a turn of bad luck on the 24th of October.  Their class A camper had an electrical fire.    It didn't take long before it was just a skeleton and they are not sturdy by any means.   They were just getting it packed up to head south for the winter.  Luckily they weren't on a highway or sleeping in it.  No one was hurt, Thank God.

As for project progresses made:
**That Backhoe door/vinyl repair was attempted and without success so it was given back to my sister in law.  I broke a needle in three different places and it jammed up my machine.  The stitches were huge loops and when I knew the Bernina didn't sound right and tried to take it off, it didn't want to release it.  I had one bugger of a time so I knew it couldn't be done here. I mentioned to my SIL that I figure an upholstery shop or boat/canvas repair shop might be able to help them out.  She was truly grateful for my attempt.

**McKenna-PG#1, finished that jack-o-lantern pillow for her Mom's Birthday on November 22nd, but couldn't wait to give it to her.  lol    She did a fantastic job.  I did quilt it for her and helped her years ago with most of the embroidery after she had colored the pumpkin.  The rest she did in stages with me helping her by pinning it together and directions with  the next step.  Here it is......

orThe jack o lantern pattern came from the Happy zombie which she started coloring it around 2007 or 2008!  (I knew she started coloring it when she was just three years old.)  Then we embroidered with threads and even a long piece of silk orange ribbon.  Then the center just languished in my sewing room waiting and grinning at my like a fool each october.  So glad that an idea finally hatched and it morphed into this project and became her pillow to give to her Mom. 

She learned numerous techniques with this project.  Simple up and down stitching, coloring on fabric, selecting fabrics with auditions, doing a partial seam, inserting a zipper and lining, and using a zig zag stitch.  Well done honey!  With the crafting for kids recently offered through web sights with Sew Cal gal, I should share her craft there. Perhaps there will be another time for that since it's a bit too late and it was a long project.  Way to go Honey, I am so proud of you!!!!!

**The Wee Wander (WW) baby quilt was attempted with just Minkee fabric on the back.  Then that minkee fringing started showing up on the top of the quilt.  Grrrrr! Just last year I was able to use a minkee only for the backing on a batik quilt which has a much tighter weave and the "fringe effect" never showed up by coming through the top, I'll be playing around in the mean time to come up with how it's best to get that subtle drape I love for these cuddle quilts.   So for the WW, I ripped out all of the stitches, re layered the top, thinnest batting I had and the minkee sprayed then pinned it and it's ready to try again. 

Feeling great since it's only the first week of Nov. has gone by.  Now if I can keep the mojo running to get to the rest of my declarations done, wish me luck!
Next there is some paperwork on the horizon ......


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