Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Intentions and dreams

Yes it's good to dream but most of the time I feel like my quilting desires have been infected by acute, chronic and make that even terminal ADHD.  Finding myself jumping willy-nilly from one project before a glimmer of another one catches my eye which takes me on another tangent which seems to be my new norm in these past years.  So my plan of attack for this year is to continue to FOCUS on what I'm doing.  Enjoying my endeavors and finishing the task at hand before allowing that monkey brain mind of mine to jump into something else.  In years' past I've embraced the blogging trends to finish my UFOs, start New FOs and even allowed my creative juices fodder to follow completely different directions when they wanted or more seriously when they needed to.   So with contemplation of what desires I have...

This year I plan to do the same  

**************   BUT   ************

this time with grace, acceptance, and going with the flow.  

In list style fashion my intentions are:

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

1- If I can get one thing done a week, I'll be happy.  Whether it's a large or small project won't matter to me, or even if it's just one step within a project.   I'll be content working with my hands and moving my quilting/crafting  techniques along to the next level.  As an incentive I'll play along with Adrianne from On the Windy Side in her 2015 Finish Along.

2- Through the years I have invested funds for tools to work my crafts and now ashamedly I have found that I've never used many of these items.  I plan to change that this year.   Allowing myself to play, learn and hopefully show improvements in my techniques and to stretch my creativity into other realms of quilting like art quilts and more Modern styles.  I'll only be able to achieve this dream if I allow that inner child to play and learn.

3- Sharon at Vrooman's Quilts has a challenge of Let's Book it that I sat by and watched longingly at last year.  I want to play too so count me in this year.  There are many patterns I've bought, printed, tagged and flagged that are still languishing on my shelves, containers and totes stored away.  Hopefully if I can get one of these done a month with Sharon's incentives as my carrot, besides experiencing the camaraderie with all the other participants which will be great company as I finally tackle some of these PIGs will all be a huge plus.

4- Jenny Beyer has a new QAL offered on Craftsy as the 2015 BOM which my jaw literally fell to the floor when I saw it.   Imagine all those tidbits of information she'll freely offer through Craftsy this year.   Yes please, I want to do that too so I just ordered her kit. I can't wait!

5- I'd like to improve my piecing skills.  By participating with miniatures is how I hope to realize this.  So last year (12/30/14 actually) I signed up at my LQS  Fibre Junction to participate in Carole's gathering for the Simple Whatnots Club, Collection 1, designed by Kim Diehl and Henry Glass Fabrics.  Since I'd joined mid way through it,  I've missed several of the sessions but that's fine with me.  Carole is an excellent quilter and does exquisite hand work.  They meet once a month for the next few months this year and I'll be able to share physically what my FOCUS has been  and get help with whatever area(s) need it.

6- The Rainbow Scrap Challenge is another desire to participate with this year.  

7-  As for my Counted Cross Stitch Arena, that needs movement there too, I am currently working on the Winter's Alphabet by Lizzie Kate and I hope to get plenty more realized by Year end.  Typically when focused I can stitch 2 threads a day so this year myplan is to do that but at least 3-4 times a week while I find that zen of needlework, a very happy place for me.

Enough plotting about it,

                           Happy New Year!

                                       Now let the Games Begin.....  


PS: Giggling and smiling now, as the acronym for these intentions spells out......... GAG wtf!  
Seriously, you just can't plan something like that.

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desertskyquilts said...

That is funny! But a good goal. I need to add #2 to my list! (I can't believe how many posts I missed. I know the most current post was an e-mail so presume there must have been a glitch in the system for a while.)