Wednesday, January 7, 2015

ALYOF January and my Q1 desires for 2015

My ButtonFor the first month's focus I want to get this community project quilted.  It's been on my  to do list for the past several months.  It was  spray basted and pinned during our circle of friends quilting gathering 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.  I knew then that the table was a bit small but didn't realize how horrendous I had layered it until I attempted to quilt it during Christmas vacation.  I  Just wish I'd known then how off it was as I know my buddies would have gladly helped me to get it smooth and straight.  It has so many crinkles and folds in it so I'll be redoing that first so it can be worked on.  I have an idea for the quilting - stay tuned.

Am linking this post up with Shanna of at Fiber of All Sorts.

2015 FAL at On the Windy SideAs for my focus for the first quarter I hope to take care of a few other UFOs around here.
For February finish the quilting on 40 Diamonds and then hopefully in March finish quilting at least the brown sashings of the Tweet Camping quilt if not perhaps the whole thing.    I'll be linking all three of these with Adrianne of New Zealand who blogs at On the Windy side for her Q-1 challenge. 
How about you, do you have some projects that you want to get done? This is a cool way to finish those items and join the creative swell of fellow quilters while doing it.



Marly said...

You certainly have had bad luck with your first quilt there; undoing quilting can really be a chore. Good luck with your projected finishes.

Anonymous said...

Crumb! I missed this one, too? I like that strippy look - all the variety is good stuff. Too bad about the quilting. I've had to take quilting out twice, and I REALLY hated it. Kudos to you for biting the bullet and doing it. UFOs - I found the Finish Along site at the start of January, and I have some goals for each quarter. We'll see how many I hit! I'm hitting other things, though, so that makes me happy. Good for you for concentrating on those, too. We'll feel better at the end, right? =)