Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ha! then it came back at me with a Ha HA!

I'm linking this little project with Sharon at Let's Book it! since it's a project that I've had on my list of my want to do-s  for the past 2 or 3 years.  

Yep I said 2-3 years is how long I've wanted to make this little circle ear bud zippered pouch tutorial so conveniently offered by Erin who blogs at Dog Under My Desk.  With spending some time in my sewing room looking at what I could tackle when I thought of my recently shared intentions of learning and using some of my investments.  I thought why not try my Accuquilt Go! Die to cut those circles and was on a mission.
Downstairs to the storage area for those when I found the circle die #55012 for a 5" circle.  Erin's tutorial called for and gave a  4" circle template.  Thinking ahh a different size but this should be close enough I can fudge through so I happily continued along.   Got fabric remnants out of my scrap bucket from an old purse I made a copel of years to be used in my test.

So with relative ease I cut out all the parts, found a zipper that could work in my stash and read the instructions for assembly.  Good to go I'm thinking, what fun.
Erin's instructions are concise, well illustrated and since I was using a striped fabric I smugly thought I'd showcase my piecing skills and make the tab with the stripe matching the outer case of the pouch exactly.

Check- the stripe matching executed perfectly.
Everything is now done up to the point of turning it outside right so it can be top stitched - the finishing touch.

That's when .....

Oh NO!  Houston we have a problem.  

DUH!!   The  snap can't work from the inside of the case!  I called myself all kinds of names dufess being one and laughed out loud at my novice error.  Obviously now I see that I must have flipped the back upside down when assembling it to sew.  Grrrr.... I had reinforced the perimeter twice and knew that no way was Is going to be able to  rip out when I decided to just place the tab on the outside which has the lining fabric(the aqua blue on the underside) revealed towards the left above.  So I ripped out the tab, reinserted it appropriately so it could work and in my fustration had sewed the tab on a little crookedly.  Oh well, I know these ear buds won't mind since done is better than perfect any day!  ;)

 2015 is off to a great start!  Jane


Anonymous said...

It looks great, though! And really, do earbuds care about anything other than a nice warm home? LOL

Vroomans' Quilts said...

That's a small piece to add a zip to as well as a clip. I think you did very well and no earbuds don't care - they have a lovely home now. Thank you for linking up.

MartiDIY said...

Oh I like that! It looks like it would be useful for so many things, even a coin purse.

Kate said...

Pretty cute, even with the mini surgical repair.