Monday, January 26, 2015

Katjas Millefiori QAL for 2015, dreaming and skeeming

After seeing the Dale Chihully exhibit in Montreal 2 years ago with my Mom, I still dream of creating a quilt
combining a myriad of color but with cloth, my favorite medium as an artist- a self proclaimed one that is.

With the 2015 Millefiori QAl that Katya is hosting from her book, The New Hexagon, I had initially thought of using this QAL to make a Chihully fishing boat filled with hexagon fabric glass orbs.  But when I saw the "Maison de Provence" line offered through Connecting threads, I absolutely fell in love with the main print thinking it would be perfect for fussy cutting some of the hexies.  Ordered 1 yard, a layer stack of that line the Book The New Hexagon (at 40% off I might add) and then waited to see what the feel of the fabric was. I do love quality quilting fabric!   When it arrived, it felt really nice so while visiting some of my beloved local quilt shops Saturday during the "Visit your local Quilt shop day", I was able to find a few other fabrics to work with this long-termed project.   Here's a peak of all of it gathered together:

All the parts lined up for my idea for this New Hexagon QAL-
Maison de Provence j'adore!

Also I noticed Kim Diehl's line compliments nicely
adding just a pop of pink.
 This will be my DECADE Project.  I just know now that I'll piddle away on it and will finish it, but want to enjoy the process without any looming deadlines of a QAL.  I also happened  to notice that the Kim Diehl's line of fabric, Vintage Farmhouse also might work with it, so will be open to that possibility as well.  Am loving that deep teal/peacock color just now and I also have a few blacks that could go in as well which will make the colors more intense.

I'll share some of my first ever Hexagons.
Using a fat quarter of that sassy fabric, and brights for this project.
I  may put this on my horizon this summer to finish it off since lil' Miss is growing up.
She'll be 10 this year, my favorite number BTW.

Orientation was wrong for this one.
Will be used for a vase coaster since it doesn't line up correctly

These were made with Kaye Wood's View and Do Shapes technique and I thought a bed stand table mat for the grand daughter would be cute with these Hexies or a dresser scarf.

Knowing that I'll need to practice my skillz first, since I have never done any EPP (English Paper Piecing) before but have always wanted too, my first attempt will be to make a table runner for the living room with a fabric I found at Fibre Junction Quilt Shop on Saturday.

I brought a piece of the binding blue scrap from the Bird house wall hanging I made a few years ago with me to match the tone and shade for a sofa table runner.

Found a beautiful batik which I initially thought of using to make a disappearing four patch table runner for that site.  BUT, just this AM while reading my emails, I ran across this runner that Annette offered through Craftsy and purchased it quickly.

Where it will go.......

Here is that Island Batik print.

With synchronicity acknowledged, I just know this is right project to make for that table runner and with that batik.  So I will be doing that first as my EPP  learning curve.  

Of course I purchased more than that but will share more on another day.  That will be my project for the Spring Quilt retreat I attend with Trudy   :  )   For my own info, here are some other Hexagon related sights.
Full hexagon sheets are free at this web page:

Katya's Millefiori QAL for 2015 is here:

Supply area for paper piecing templates are here and the code for a 20% discount is "Getmy20" :

I'm getting off this time sucking machine now! Got to start getting some stuff done before the grand children get here.  J

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Wonderful hexagons! I love your idea. I like the finished wallhanging, too. It looks great there. Now when I click from your e-mail, I come right here, but when I click from your comments, I get that other weird site!