Monday, February 2, 2015

A shadow and it been 41 Years!

Putxatawny Phil saw his shadow so that predicts 6 more weeks of winter.  It's also snowing outside and the schools are closed.  What's unusual is the grandchildren are not here, since their Mom had to go to work early this am and their Dad was getting them on the bus at their house before any knowledge of their school's closing.
I am looking forward to a quiet day here since today is truly our anniversary, the 41st one at that.  Knowing last week we'd have the younger ones here and have to transport to their functions, we celebrated early. Saturday night we attended a Wind Ensemble concert.  (Can I say now that it was a terrible one.  It was so bad that we left in the middle of it!) Then had reservations at one of our favorite restaurants followed by a visit to a piano bar afterwards.  All nice except that concert.  Why is it musicial conductors select a "modern day" virtuoso piece that resembles the warm up section of the concert.  Almost 2 hours of disjointed noise, some moments of it lighter and other times darker,   But YUCK all the same.  What happened to playing an easy listening concert for pure enjoyment without all that racket.  We weren't the only ones either,  I wonder if they'll ever realize with the diminishing attendance that's what its all about?

With the snow forecast of up to 10" for our region, I think our "date" this afternoon will involve snow shovels, romantic n'est pa?

I thoroughly enjoyed gathering with friends last night and loved seeing the patriots win.  What a fantastic game and you couldn't predict the winner until the game was over.    Loved the outcome!

Patriots vs Seahawks
28 to 24

  Enjoy your day.  Jane


Carol said...

Happy Anniversary, Jane!! Wow, 41 years is very special--our 38th will be coming up in July. Where have the years gone?

Glad you were happy with the game--I'm afraid I was rooting for the Seahawks... Oh well! Congratulations to your team!

Needled Mom said...

Happy anniversary.