Monday, February 23, 2015

Amy Cheng Exhibit and Cooking with KIDS

Not quite Mardi Gras preparations going on here, more like a blend of Holidays from Valentine's Day stretched in towards  St. Patricks but oh well,  they had fun.  This all occurred while school was on their Spring Break.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!

Let the Good times Roll......

We all had fun.   Going out, cooking at home, watching Movies, sewing and craft works.  That's what winter vacations are all about!  It was way too cold to allow them to go outside to play with these sub zero temperatures so alternatives were in order.    A certain someone spent hours creating a lot of Perle Bead goodness.

A great assortment and she started running out of colors.  Her younger brother started making a huge heart with rows of color and then it got messed up.  He had enough by that point so went to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, his now favorite TV show.  

Too cute -right?

Circular designs, some were given as Coasters to her family.
We also managed to see an Artist exhibit at a local gallery who did a series of Mandala artworks that was incredible.  Amy Cheng has such talent.  The SUNY college in our area held an exhibit of her works.
Here are just a few photos that I grabbed:

(All photos are clickable to see in a separate window so you can see more details if you wish.)

This first one was my favorite.   Can you imagine working with textiles to emulate her art?

Many of her works offered a transparency to what lay just below the surface and lured your mind in further.

this one gave the illusions of Pearls setting on canvas in a three dimensional effect.
 Absolutely mind blowing! 

With all of these dots it reminds me of George Seurat's art.

 Imagine painting the above canvas with all of those dots.
There were hundreds of thousands perhaps millions on this painting alone.

This looked like a technique of scratching off color in a certain
area to show what's hidden under neath all that color but truly a mastered art.  

It was a beautiful exhibit and one I am grateful to have witnessed.  Thank you Amy Cheng.

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