Monday, February 16, 2015

Make a list Monday

Hope to get these six things done by next week:

1- Quilt 4 different colored blocks of the 40 diamond quilt
2- Quilt the doll quilt from the Wee Wander scraps I just threw together/
3- Stitch all the white on the bottom left corner of the  CXS Lizzie Kate Winter Alphabet
4- Cut some pink scraps for the RBSC and make some HST units.
5- Make pincushions, another idea
6- Finish reading The Round House by Louise Erdrich (am midpoint right now).

Remember how I said that one wool was shedding terribly several weeks ago while working on the candle mat?  While visiting with my friend Carole, she gave me a different piece of the same wool to use and just to be sure, I pulled out my needle punch foot with the coordinating stitch plate and felted the heck out of it just to be sure.  Worked like a charm.  It really changed the clarity of the houndstooth print  Since that foot combination was out, I photographed them and pulled the other Bernina accessories I own out and share how I store them.

This bead box purchased at Michaels is perfect for the majority of feet and makes it a quick access since they set on a shelf right behind my sewing chair.  The Bernina Feetures Books, the 1-3 set on the bottom shelf just below the feet for quick access.  It's amazing how many times I'll pull out these books for a reference.

Some of the feet came with each of my two Berninas and most of the rest were purchased at Quilt Shows with a 25% off and then some others when the Bernina LQS offered a 30% discount including Bernina Accessories.   A win - win for sure!
Of course I've been collecting them since my first Bernina 170 back in the 1990s and when I upgraded I made sure the feet would transition to the newer Bernina 440.   The most expensive of these was the binding foot combo which was close to $160 when purchased, that is if my memory serves me correctly.  That one was a "Non-smoking Gift to myself" to justify the expense.

I have been enjoying a quiet day home alone today.  That doesn't happen too often.   Seems nice to have the house stay picked up and clean without more effort needed.  Typically I am picking up discarded papers left on the counter, closing doors, cabinets and drawers left open, wiping up coffee spills, etc.... and that is just DH's doing not the grandchildren!  They'll all be here tomorrow so I'm getting off this thing and going to read in the silence and enjoy it immensely.  TTFN.


Anonymous said...

One of the things that annoys me most about having someone else live with me is the spills and crumbs on the counter. =) It sounds like a lovely day for you! Those photos are good for insurance, too.

Needled Mom said...

My goodness!! Those are a lot of feet!

toniaconner said...

I fell the same way some times. My husband just doesn't understand I just want a day alone sometimes. I wanted you to know you won the give-a-way for grow your own blog. Just e-mail me your address and as soon as the roads are clear I will mail it. I started following your blog I found we think a lot alike. I would like to see what you make out of this and post it on my blog with a link back to you. Have a good day.Blessings

Carol said...

Your day alone sounds lovely, Jane! I am lucky to usually have 2 or 3 a week as my husband still works and I only work part-time :) Not sure how I'll handle it when he retires!!

I had no idea there were so many accessories for the sewing machine!! I am such a novice :)

Stay warm!!