Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March's Plan and a surprise

Feeling really good about what I did get done last month and not focusing at all on what I didn't get to.  Can you tell I'm getting really relaxed about letting those unrealistic expectations free?

  • This month I plan on getting the 40 diamond quilt totally quilted for my ALYOF project cheered on through Fiber of all sorts  and as part of the Q-1 challenge with Adrienne from on the Windy Side.  Maybe this month I'll finish sooner rather than later.  That would be awesome!
  • Make some yellow HST units for the RBSC with Super scrappy.
  • One or two bird projects for the tree Bird Blog hop coming from Sew We Quilt and being cheered on by Lana.   I do have a bird panel from the fabric designed by Elizabeth's Studio which I've looked hunted for but can't find.  My day to share is the 17th which is St. Patricks day AND National Quilting Day, what a coincidence.
  • Something for a March theme home goodness.
  • Read the Book The Hotel on The Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford.
  • Make 15 blocks for a class I'm taking next weekend.
  • Finish all the cross stitch on the bottom left corner of Winter's Alphabet.

That's enough even though there are a few other projects I'd like to get too besides.   For an example of what's also spinning in my mind are making a purse/bag (for the let's book it challenge), make another snap bag, start/finish quilting the Tweet camping quilt that I'd like to totally cross off my list this year besides another doll quilt for the stuffed animals community project for the guild.  All of this and that's not mentioning wanting to start the Jenni Beyer 2015 BOM or the New Hexagon millefiori that I just received templates from the Paper Pieces in KY from in the post this morning.    Okay, that's enough of that monkey brain spinning out  of control Janie, just breathe and stay on track.

Speaking of mail in the post, imagine my surprise when I received a nice squishy package in the mail this am. It was from Tonia who blogs over at  All thingz sewn.  Thank you so much, I love the prints and that pattern is cute which I also have an idea of making a perfect something from it.   Maybe I could squeeze that in this month too!   


Also, thanks for those Babushka Scissors!  SQUEE!  What a sweetheart and how did she know I collected scissors?  With all my scissors I didn't have any like them at all,  I heart them Tonia,  THANKS!!  You really made my day. 

I saw in my email this am a daily inspirational  which quoted a saying something like "Perfectionsim is the killer of creativity".  I concur.  

Enjoy your day and follow your passions.  Jane


Carol said...

Looks like you have a full month ahead, Jane!! And what a great package from Tonia--enjoy those cute scissors :)

Joy said...

Hope you accomplish your goals. I just want to stay off the computer and stitch and finish work!! Happy March!

desertskyquilts said...

Good luck with your March goals. I know you can do it. Those scissors are adorable!

toniaconner said...
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toniaconner said...

Thank you for the nice mention of you winnings. And the link back to me. And I anxious to see your idea of how to use it. Sorry, I had to get my foot out of my mouth, I just hate it when that happens. This is much better ya think?.