Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello I'm still alive...

Life was kept me so very busy for the past several months that shamed-ly I've neglected my blog...again. Sorry to have dropped out like I did, I always wonder of the other bloggers I follow when I don't hear from them for awhile that I hope all is okay in their world and here I did it myself to y'all,  I'm sorry if I caused you concern and thank you for any of your silent prayers and kind wishes.  I have been going through continued health concerns... not life threatening, but equally as exhausting.  Would you believe I am sleeping about 11 hours a day!  This is not my normal at all and am feeling better but will certainly be glad when a firm solution is found.  Last's night Lunar eclipse of the "Blood / Super Moon" was fantastic and thankfully I watched it while in the warmth of the hot tub.  I can just imagine how past cultures placed primordial beliefs, witch craft practices and such attached to these natural occurrences.

You'll be happy to know that I am still gardening, crafting and quilting and am ever hopeful that I can start sharing some of my endeavors and also work backwards to post on most of the activities that occurred this  past summer.      It's been eventful, surreal, fun and many travels taken.

As for my most recent finishes I have a couple of items finished that I took from an assortment of threes classes I took at the Borderline Quilt camp which happened on the second weekend in September.

Friday nights class was wool work and the instructor, Phyllis Acres had kits available for the participants for $7 each.  I had all the embroidery and applique done that evening.  It was so peaceful to sit and stitch with friends that I hadn't seen in awhile.

Pure heaven.  I just finished the perimeter stitching this week.

Then on Saturday's Class of HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW,  with Marlene Hart,  I was able to make 16 blocks using a jelly roll I purchased at Calico Gals of Syracuse when Mom and I attended  the APQS show was going on the beginning of August.  (That will be shared in another post coming soon, PROMISE!)

A sample of the block is on the left.   Thankfully I wasn't that prepared for class as she instructed us to cut 2 1/2" X 18" strips from fat quarters.  Since I had the jelly roll I brought that to class when she instructed us to sub-cut our strips into 7" lengths.
Huh? 7 x 2 is 14" and 7x3 is 21", it seems it would have been best to have us cut our strips all  into a  2/1/2" by 7" bricks before class.  One woman had a bunch of 4" pieces left over she couldn't use for this pattern.  The mathematician in me just wonders sometimes, so I was extremely glad that I wasn't prepared for this class and only brought my UNCUT jelly roll to it with the other items needed!

 Since I've been back I've been able to create 15 more blocks so far, not sure yet what size this quilt will be or where it'll be going. the pattern calls for 20 blocks which isn't large enough for a quilt in my book.  So  I do know it won't be finished as it's pictured on the pattern.  With all those yummy prints which have an ethnic appeal to them am thinking of doing a top centered with framed and then sashed blocks followed by a couple of borders and then using an appliqued Russian nesting dolls theme overshadowing some of the center along with the borders with some dolls?  Time will tell.

Here's how I've been using some of those boards I made several months ago while selecting the 2 1/2" x 7" bricks for the braided sections.
They tier nicely on the sewing table for fabric auditions and then stack nicely when I need to do something else... like yesterday  a sun umbrella was repaired and then sewing to reinforce the end hems of flags for the local Fire Department.  One down so far, three more to go.  The wind here is fierce and will shred the flags to pieces in no time at all and there is nothing worse then flags flying in disrepair IMHO.
Luckily I was able to figure out a way to reinforce the edged  hem by folding it over a length or two of some knotted cord.  It keeps them from shredding and looking tacky while still they are light enough to fly and wave in the winds.

Then for Sunday's class it was for the Tooly Tool class (a pattern by Sara Gray) where I was very well prepared for class I may say.  I even created a spread sheet for organizing all those cut  and pressed pieces required for the homework class prep and luckily had a couple extras copies of the ID sheets printed out, so shared them with all who wanted them.

It was a good thing too since the teacher, Vickie Williams was called away on a family emergency the day before, her father in law was doing poorly.  One of the event organizers mentioned that I would be the teacher's assistant for the class and I gladly complied.  It turned out nicely.  Would you believe every one in the class got their Tooly completed except for me. I've since been able to finish mine.

The folded black fleece acts as a pincushion as well as a scissor mat in the front.
I also had neglected to purchase the English version of the pattern and had bought the metric version by mistake.  When I contacted Sara about it she quickly and nicely helped me out, what a fantastic designer and she has very detailed and perfect instructions!
Just for fun the view on the backside when the tooly tool is set up is this martini print, just perfect!
I also took the liberty and adapted my tooly with decorative stitches and did the elastic closure differently. The elastic was sewn into the seams during the assembly instead of stitched applique style onto the backside, which thankfully worked out great (even with the martini glass print showing with the glasses right side up, LOL.

The current projects that I am working on besides the braided blocks shown above are :
This Valentine's Day Candle mat...
 only need to edge finish 2 more scalloped sections for this to be completed then it'll be stored.

Then this BQ quilt top is assembled.  It's percolating just now on what the borders will be.   Initially I had purchased a fairy border print that I thought would be perfect for borders,  but it reads too pastel with those bolder brighter rings framing around the faerie floral prints I think.  The pattern was revamped to work with the panel size so they are all smaller than a typical BQ block, but at least the panel has been used.  lol  
Time will tell how it turns out, maybe slashes of color in a whimsy formation and free spirited colorful border treatment ?  Any ideas are appreciated.

One fourth of the quilt top shown
Another quarter shown

Sharing the border print purchased for a border, it seems too pastel to fit this quilt though.
Am thinking that perhaps some pillowcases to go with it will use this up besides coordinate with it  well enough.
Will be back soon.
I'm getting off the computer to help DH close up the pool.  This is a record for our area that it's been opened for as long as it has.
TTFN and I promise I will be back soon.


PS:  I also am working on a counted cross stitch piece called The Red Thread designed by Bent Creek. There are several months blocks done so far and the plan is to get 1 to 2 done each month.  I started it in August and did July and August that month. Currently am finishing September's and was able to complete June and May's blocks already.  ;~)
I had to center the design so decided in the spring to start this one in the middle of the year.  With every thing going on I almost forgot about it but then was able to catch up quick enough when I remembered it in August.  Will share that project on another day.

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