Saturday, November 7, 2015

Walking With Our Sisters Tribute

01walkingposterIn November I was able to visit a long awaited exhibit that I've been wanting to see.  Ever since reading The Round House by Louise Erdrich  back in 2014 when I stumbled onto information about the murdered and missing Aboriginal women and children across Canada and the northern aspects of the US is when my interest was piqued.  Perhaps it was even sooner than that since when my book club read that novel, I presented several print out sheets regarding the vamp exhibit coming near this area in November 2015 for their knowledge and calendars.
I placed it on my calendar and regardless of the many different options of things to go, do, and be;  I wouldn't change my date.  DH and I saw it on the 7th while it was at Akwesasne First Nation,  Akwasasne Mowawk Territory  from November 6th through November 27th.  The event is traveling and ongoing, here is the schedule.

The exhibit was so tastefully done and done with a reverence to and for all those victimized by the unknown/unproven violence against women and children.  Interestingly, a good friend of mine was working the exhibit while we were there and kindly shared the symbolism and inside tribal knowledge about it.  (Besides of course contributing and making five pairs of vamps for her sister who was murdered at the age of 18 many years ago.)   The one on the right I believe is one of hers.

There were so many styles of vamps and many being respective to the peoples' environments with materials available to them and custom techniques commonly practiced in their communities.  Such artwork!  The symbolism and craftsmanship shown was remarkable.  Many beaded, sewn, colored, embroidery stitched, appliqued, totems attached, leather, silk, canvas, shoes of the infants, and even out of bitten birch bark,  etc....  

No photos were allowed and customs had to be followed to protect visitors from any lingering spirits.
I am so humbled by what I witnessed.  
If it's in your area, please try to attend. It's a once in a life time event.

Writing and posting this in 2016  when I found some time!

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