Sunday, January 31, 2016

OMG January by the skin of my teeth!

One Monthly Goal for Janauary  just finished!

The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar pillow is completely done.   Yippee!!!!
Just 37 minutes left until the OMG deadline ET, how's that for pushing it to the edge since I started sewing on it this am after seeing the thread challenge sponsored by Kim  at Persimmon Dreams  knew how this one would fit the bill in several arenas I want to play in.

A panel was used for the front and I had a nice butterfly fabric in the stash to use for the backside with an older white on white fabric used for the lining fabrics.  The butterflies worked like a charm surrounding the poem copied onto fabric using the fusible computer printer fabric made by Tailor.   Worked like a charm.
In progress quilting playing with many threads.....

Using the blue Fine Point Mark B Gone Pen to draw in the flamed curves on the face of the sun before quilting helped me to stitch it.  Pay no mind though that I didn't follow it exactly, ah hum... I call that creative license!  VBG

Some more of the details showing the lining with a few of the stitched elements of it.....

I free motion quilted the rest as I saw fit and had fun while doing it.  The worst part was trying to follow that cobweb.  It had so many starts and stops to get that one stitched.  So I had many thread tails to bury when it was done, but now that it is, am glad I took the extra effort with it.  Was tempted to use a razzle-dazzle thread for that spider then decided not to make it too offensive since PGD#1 deoesn't care for them to begin with.

This project only me took four plus years to get done and it all started when PGD#1's teacher gave her the laminated poem when she left first grade.  That's when my WHIMM started then luckily found the panel several years ago so it turned it into a PIG at that time and then there- that -little -pig -sat.
PGD#3 loves the way the dragonfly is quilted with that glow in the dark lime thread.  Am happy about that!
This completion also strikes a ufo off my Q1 FAL challenge list for 2016, Yippee Skippee!

Thank you so much Heidi for this incentive to push this little PIG to the finish, Kim for challenging us beyond our normal and the incentives offered.  For your entertainment, check out finish up January check in blog post and see all the wondrous eye candy other quilters have managed to complete in January.
Another plus is that a little over a yard of fabric has been used!  Finally movement for the stash report in the using direction for next week.  

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stash Report #4 of 2016 with my Slow Stitching Sunday link

Fabric Used this Week:    0
Fabric Used This Year:    0
Fabric Added this Week:    5
Fabric Added Year to Date:   5

Net Fabric for 2016 a Gain of 5 yards

With visit you local Quilt shop day happening on January 23rd this year, I just had to visit my friend, Carole and her Quilt Shop,  Fibre Junction located in Rouses Point, NY yesterday.  I had  a plan to purchase a couple of wool pieces I need for two different projects and hopefully have a nice cuppa tea while visiting her.  Eureka, Success and then some.  She and her shop never disappoint!

What came home with me you might ask?
I scored a total of 2 1/2 yards of 5 different wools (3 just lovely greens, a cream and a 75% discounted black and cream herringbone tweed as well as 2 scrumptious background fabrics totaling another 2 1/2 yards of cotton that were located in her discount bin at 40% off.  What a deal. Check it out.

Though this stash report shows me going further into obtaining rather than the using,  I feel wonderful with this purchase which will allow me to get a couple of whimm-pigs completed.

For my Slow stitching Sunday with Kathy, I'm still working on the Red Thread wording, only have 4 words left on that section then I'll be heading up the sides by the end of this month. FINGERS CROSSED!  Did I mention the words are the longer words?

THREAD... CONNECTS.... THOSE.... DESTINED... are all that's left.
Just in case you don't remember what it looks like, (as if I haven't shown you enough!) here it is,

The last bit I wanted to share is a photo taken of the youngest grandson while playing Hockey at Lake Placid's Ice Arena a couple of weeks ago.

He's in the Mit division for our local Youth Hockey group and thoroughly enjoys the sport.  Since he is only in first grade, he's had a passion for this sport since he was two and has a natural ability!  I love seeing the kids "get it" when it comes to sports.  Increasing they talents, realizing they are part of a team and the friendships and dedication it takes to play sports are terrific to witness.

All these games explain our weekends. Between practices, his Hockey and his sister, PGD#1  playing basketball, it keeps us busy traveling for their games besides the adventures which come up along the way.  All of them making nice memories!
Yesterday was another travel day with the whole family packed into the van.  So tack one up for another escapade!   Am starting to think our last name truly is the Griswolds, which friends have kindly referred to our tribe for years!  LOL
Stay warm and those of you that were snowdumped on, be careful shoveling!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Stash Report #2 & 3

Nothing used or gained for weeks #2 and #3.  I'm hoping to change that this coming week.

Fabric Used this week:  0
Fabric Used Year to Date:  0
Fabric Added this week:  0
Fabric Added Year to Date:  0

Net fabric for 2016:  0 yards

Am stitching the wording on that Bent Creek-The Red Thread.
All the snow men, flakes, mats, runners and trees are decorating the house.  The grands are here today with the school closing for Martin Luther King Holiday.   Perhaps we can make some felt ice skates during our creative time after lunch to add them onto the lighted hat tree decorating the kitchen island.   

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Q1 FAL for 2016

grab button for A Quilter's Table

Deb from the Quilter's Table is hosting this Finish A Long for 2016.

I'll list several UFOs I want to get done this year, just not sure how many will actually be done for this first quarter but am listing many as that way I won't be painting myself into a corner and will allow my muse to
"run a muck" as they say!

  1. The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar Pillow shown here.   Finished this by 1/31/16 shown here!
  2. Finish the Red Thread- Cross Stitch piece designed by Bent Creek that was shown here in November with the months done but nothing more since, this monkey needs to be done!
  3. Hockey seats made from the native print Fleece that was shared here.  For DH and myself to carry in the vehicle for athletics and hockey seats/bleachers. 
  4. Dog print Fleece fabric Hockey seat pad for my grand daughter to use with a friend.
  5. Make a Dog bed with the same dog print fleece for the grands' 8 week old shih tzu puppy, Scout (they named him that because Santa brought him around the world the night they received him) .
  6. Another hockey seat pad with another fleece printed with a Boston Red Sox theme.
  7. A Doll community quilt for a pretty little seahorse I have in.
  8. The BQ 2 quilt top assembled, I shared my center with the blocks sewn together but now the borders are needing some attention so it can be sent off to get quilted, esp. with winning that gift certificate.
  9. Make the braid blocks into a quilt top.  I have been looking for inspiration to come to me on this one. 
  10. Make apron with the Christmas panel for my sister in laws Christmas gift shared here
  11. 2 Pot Holders and an oven hot pocket scarf too bout the ones used are really tacky looking.
  12. Make a Sew together bag made from the aqua, lime black fabrics acquired ages ago;   ....  then
  13. Another Sew Together bag with the bright prints in for PGD#1 (I've had two pigs packed since I bought the pattern when it first came out, ? 2014 ?   face palm slap!
  14. Sofa table runner finishing at a 9 or 10" x 40" size
  15. Patchabilities St. Patrick's Day wall hanging
  16. Valentine's Wall hanging quilt all kitted- will be February's OMG and shared here
  17. Wool Candle Mat
  18. Miranda Bag, started around 2011 - if I can find where I stored it, it has nice spring time colors if memory serves me correctly.
  19. Kim Diehl Project already kitted or perhaps start a new project with this Henry Glass fabric shared here,  SWOON....  I just love it!
  20. Scalloped Charisma Fabric Table runner
  21. Tater Strip quilt that started with a panel ions ago......
  22. Tulip time table mat in the miniature patterns.  Perhaps can play and paint my own spring fabrics for the flower part since I recently took that ink, dye and painting class at the guild.  I'll share the morning glory sample that was made and then ran all over the place with it.   
  23. Rip out the Disappearing 9 Patch I started last spring and restart that one 
  24. Rip out the Hunter's star started in 2014 and restart that one..... 
Recognize a theme going on here.  lol
With all that said, I did start a small, uh humm... I mean a very, very small hexie project to have a portable project which may get done in a year or so.   LOL   That is if I can stay with it.  I think I may be nuts on that one but will share more about that on a later date.

Stay Well!

Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 desires

Going to keep it real and not try to be so wordy here.

The two phrases that seemed to align themselves to me for this year are:

"Do the Work" 

"Live with Joy"

My intentions for 2016 area:

  1. Lose 60 pounds this year.  Will do this by loosing 5 pounds a month, sounds very doable.
  2. One Monthly Goal finished (that will get me at least twelve projects finished by year end!   8 )
  3. A minimum of One book read each month, perhaps sometimes two - I really enjoy a good book.
  4. Continue purging duplicates, downsizing and re-organizing my stuff(s)
  5. Literally, stop spending so much on my crafts and make do with all that I have.  With that in mind,  I plan to track all of my expenses in these arenas: quilting, cross stitching, beading, knitting, etc.  Though I will allow some expense in order to finish projects with a reward of purchasing something after a minimum of  5 UFOs, PhDs, PIGS, WIPs or WHIMMs are done!  No since painting myself into a corner!!!!   LOL  
  6. Bust the Stash while also tracking it for Judy's stash report over at Patchwork  times.  Also plan to store my projects out of sight into bins (in the basement if I have to) so I can alleviate this monkey mind of mine that switches into high gear just walking into the sewing room. Keeping only one project out at a time.   Then continue Reorganizing my sewing studio, it is such a MESS since that stacked drawer fiasco happened.  DH just mentioned perhaps we should build an appropriate space to contain my creativity.  

So I'll stay true to my authentic self.  Keeping joy, love, and an open heart all the while staying grounded while pursuing my passions and creativity.

Due to the One Monthly Goal and the APQ ufo of twelve items for the year I'll announce this first listing of my January focuses I'll work on:
Hungry Hungry Caterpillar Pillow Kit
  • Make the Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar pillow with the teacher's poem printed onto fabric.  It was given to my PGD#1 several years ago by her teacher.   I had a whimm so purchased the panel around 2 plus years ago and it's remained a pig.  It's regretful that it's not even started yet so I'm glad 2016 will change that.  

  • Keep cross stitching the surround for the Red Thread piece designed by Lizzie Kate shown here. Hopefully I will be completely done stitching this by the end of February.

Apron panel with a lining fabric 
  • Make an Apron for my sister in law's Christmas gift for 2016. Another January goal.

Fleece for bench warmers at ice arenas

  • Make a Hockey, butt-warmer seat with the fleece I purchased in 2015.  My last January goal!

Here I go again, four listed 
and I only needed to mention one!  8{

My List of Twelve projects for the year to complete per the All People Quilt Challenge follows:
  1. Wool Candle Mat
  2. Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar pillow ***** JANUARY's selection
  3. Posh fabric scalloped table runner
  4. Seahorse Community doll quilt
  5. Red & White Challenge for CVQG
  6. BQ2 quilt with Fairies
  7. Braid Quilt Queen to King size
  8. CXS - The Red Thread by Bent Creek
  9. CXS - Rabbit Run, Just Nan designer
  10. Kim Diehl Kit (pig)
  11. Purse/bag Miranda started in 2011?
  12. Mystery Project
grab button for RedLetterQuilts

The number drawn for January is Number 2 so that will be finished first.  I was a day late to sign up to the one Monthly goal with Heidi over at Red Letter Quilts but will try to be more timely next month.

TTFN -  Jane

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Stash Report #1 

As far as my stash report, nothing in, nothing out so for the first two reports:

Fabric Used this week:  0
Fabric Used Year to Date:  0
Fabric Added this week:  0
Fabric Added Year to Date:  0

Net fabric for 2016:  0 yards

So far so good.  AND I actually was in Joann's fabric store in Glens Falls on Saturday to exchange the wrong style art bin tote purchased in 2015 and then on Sunday while in Vermont, was able to drive by a couple more stores without the steering wheel, my inner demons pulling me into them. LOL,but Yeah ME!!!

Friday, January 1, 2016

First Night 2015 into 2016

We came, we saw, we enjoyed!
First night in Burlington, VT held their 33rd annual First Night but it was our first time there.  We went with a couple of other friends and had a really nice night out.  No outrageous parties, fights by participants or any hangovers too bout, what a major plus!  Seeing many different entertainers and with the warmer weather it was terrific and all available for the admittance of wearing a button! The organization was top notch with all the many pamphlets, maps and schedules available so they were printed out and saved electronically so were the cat's meow.

We saw:
Jon Gailmor - folk singer story writer geared towards children and families-we bought one of his cds,
The Brevity Band - nice music, but left early to claim a table at a neighboring restaurant for dinnertime, the event was well attended.
Dinner at Sweetwaters' with libations  ; )
Thea Lewis, author and historian of many ghostly happenings but the queue at the book store was too popular, so truly all the people that were waiting would never be able to get into the store and hear her stories : (     so we left to see:
The DuPont Brothers - we really enjoyed their performance of playing an indie-folk duo/quartet style,
The Red Hot Juba - nice music but the event place left a lot to be desired.  The balcony seats had limited views since the First Night organizers had posters of their sponsors hung by lacing them from the brass handrails which obliterated our views.  You couldn't see any of the performers on the stage, what a huge disappointment we had two shows scheduled to see here!
Kat Wright & the Indomitable Soul Band:  what a crooner Kat is and that band was fantastic.  They shared such nice, upbeat tempos, we both so enjoyed it.  It was the last performance of the night and a great way to finish it off.
We didn't stay for the fireworks.  We left because of the limited ferry transportation back home to NY. Bruce mentioned that there was only one ferry per hour that night and luckily we were the last vehicle allowed on the 12:20 AM ferry, otherwise we would have had to wait another hour.  What a nice beginning time-wise for 2016.  I am hoping that that time trend continues for me throughout the year.  Another plus was that we actually did see limited fireworks from the interstate while traveling through Winooski, what a nice way to end a year and bring another forth!
Would I go again next year.....You BET!!!!

Reference #26971 to a letter I sent to the organizers and Mayor Miro Weinberger complimenting this event!