Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Q2 2016 and my OMG for April

Nope!  I was no where close to what I wanted to get done for my  Q-1 list so I'm including those same items to this quarter besides adding a few more that have come onto my horizon.  This finish along FAL has gone global and is a great incentive to get some projects finished besides the focus of OMG (One Monthly Goal) and the monthly numbers being pulled at All people quilt challenge.

The Quick Ripper
this girl loves her gadgets!
Three of those were completed.   Yippee!!!!
I shared only two so far since I never posted about the finished apron, Number 10 on the Q-1 list.

Here are a couple of photos taken while making it.   And you are seeing correctly, I had to use the Quick Ripper not once, but twice while making the pockets would you believe. That really makes quick work of unstitching or reverse sewing as it's sometimes called.  So I ordered one fro my Mom and had one shipped to her too.  In February she went to a quilt retreat with many of her Chatham Quilt Group and The Quick Ripper was the hot trend with every one wanting to know where she got it.   LOL  At the AQS in Daytona, a buddy of hers let me know that if I ever send her another little goodie like that, to multiply what I send by 4 so all of Mom's quilty friends get one too!  Joy is such a Hoot!
After that I settled down and got it finished in a day.  That red fabric shown was used for the lining  the pockets and the entire apron.   It looks great and I wonder why I put such a simple thing off for so long.
More handy gadgets I used for the apron construction was those red polka dot scissors, the purple thang and I finally used that set of curved templates to get a crisp smooth edge after turning the pockets.
I love it when I remember what I have, where it is and actually use them.  

Number 1 of the Hungry Hungry caterpillar pillow completely done.

Number 10 of the Christmas Apron Panel was finished but I never shared a photo of it will be back on Friday to remedy that (DH has an out of state appointment and we're heading over to MQX in Manchester after that for a couple of days.  Editing and adding this photo on 4/30/16.

Number 16 was made into the Valentine's Day wall hanging topper so hopefully this quarter I'll be able to quilt it and get it completely finished.
That is three listed completions realized so far this year with so many more I want need NEED to get truly done this year.

For April's OMG I hereby announce a community quilt to be cut and sewn into a top. The fabrics are black and gold and should work up quickly. (Fingers crossed!)

For my list of  Q-2:

1-Music themed Community Quilt made into a quilt top- April's OMG project.  DONE!

The top is made and will  be getting turned into the community project committee in the Wings Falls Quilt Guild the second Saturday in May.  I worked on this while attending a quilt retreat I go to annually at Dodge Pond in Fine, NY.

2-CCS- Finish the Red Thread - It's all stitched now, just waiting for the heart and star specialty buttons I ordered during The Stitching Post's sale to arrive [Note to self for the GPS directions, they're located in Catonsville, not Baltimore] Only need to attach those buttons and bring it in to be framed which I've already selected and paid for at Michaels. Thank goodness it was at 70% off but ye gads it was costly.  Will share more when it's totally, really and truly done.  (Now, I am hearing a tune for the Wizard of Oz with the Coroner singing about the witch being dead.)  edited this on 4/30/2016 it's DONE!

3-CCS- Daffodil Run designed by Just Nan editing this on 4/30 as it's now stitched and the only things left are to attach the charm fob and then frame it!
Editing on 5/3/16- DONE!

4-CCS- Wee Spring designed by Heart in Hand:
Editing this on 12/1/16 and was able to finish stitching this in November.  Only needs framing and I'm trying to use wwhat I have on hand.

5-CCS- Heart of America designed by Lizzie Kate: 

6-Make Native themed Hockey Seats

7-Make Dog Print Fleece Hockey sets
8-Make Dog Bed with same Dog print fleece for Scout's carrier kennel.

9-Make Boston Red Sox theme -  Hockey Seat fabrics Numbered 6 through 9 are all shown on the right along with the foam in too.

10-Doll quilt made with sea horse themed fabrics pulled.

11-BQ2 quilt assembled into a topper (just the borders left)

12-Braid blocks sewn into into a quilt top shown all together in a jumble with some coordinating fabrics:

 13-Kitchen pot holders made similar or all right then, copied from this one and possibly make an oven scarf too:
14-An Aqua sew together bag cut and sewn with some of these fabrics for myself:
15-Juvenile prints are kitted to make another sew together bag cut out and sewn for PGD#1.
The fabrics are stored downstairs and I will show more after it's made.  
I know there are numerous novelty prints kitted together for this with eye glasses, babushka dolls, and some other very kid friendly themes, all very bright and happy looking.

16-Sofa table runner made into a 9 or 10" by 40" size.  
Made out of this border stripe

or even this patriotic kit with the dimensions changed in order to fit the sofa table.

17-That dang Patchabilities St. Patrick's Day wall hanging 
(I am starting to feel like I'm crowing  and a partridge in a Pear Tree  every time I  include this one!  Go ahead you can hum along.  lol

It's a very old UFO that  needs to get off my back!
editing on 5/3/16 ... finally stitching this now  

18-Wool Table runner as my portable project and since I just loved that Primitive gathering Nesting Time Table Mat when I saw the kit at the AQS show in Daytona.  That one and quite a few others jumped into my shopping bag, but I will share more about that at another time too. 
Not sure I love all the wool with this kit, so I may change a couple of them out for higher soft contrast.

19-Miranda Bag another very old UFO that needs to be finished.
Sorry to say I haven't found this UFO yet so no photo to show.
It's all cut out with creams, pink and peaches with  a soft graphic style fabrics.
I just know it's around here somewhere but where? [typing while scratching my head!]

20-One of the Kim Diehl kits I have in or perhaps a new project that my muse demands to play with....

21- Scalloped table runner that's a topper but I'd love to try some feather quilting and bound it with a scalloped edge.
I started this UFO ions ago using the Moda Charisma fabric line.  Seems to be a recurring theme.....

22-Tater Strip Quilt another very old UFO, needs digging out since this too is packed in the basement and thinking about what stage that one is in.
It's another panel project I've had in since PGS#3 was in his preschool days and he's now in 1st grade. 8 {

23-Tulip Time Table mat from my miniature collection and I'd love to dye/paint the tulip fabric for it.

Or this even this larger project with fabrics painted for the tulips.  

24-Cherry tablecloth finished- Mary Engelbright (sp?) themed quilt top needs to be finished for a tablecloth quilt.  Very kitcheny don't ya think?  I won this topper at a quilt auction for a great price.  Should be perfect for some summer time flair.
Think I'll use some of mom's fabric donation for the backing, (it's that Black patchwork fabric on the right) and use that grunge red I bought in Trenton, FL for the binding.  

25-Rip out and restart the Disappearing Nine Patch which was started in 2015.  Not sure which direction this will go but it's honoring a nudge within me to make something pastel.  Way out of my normal color range I might add! 

26-Rip out? or rethink/redo the Hunter's star now hitting UFO status from 2014
perhaps a dresser scarf for PGD#1 bedroom....... Very bright but way too busy. It really needed to  be toned down with a soft white a bright color in every quilt block to sparkle.  

27-Make a quilt for PGS#3 with the Minion panel:
fabrics with the panel all bagged together.  

28-Make another quilt with the Star wars panel for PGS#3 in honor of us reading the book- Stories of the Jedi and Sith aka: Star Wars book being 187 pages in length and he's only 7.   
Way to go little one!  Makes a Meme proud.

While finally editing this on the 30th of April,  several of these are now done and a couple of them have been happily morphed with the grand children's desires!   Will share and post about them them soon.  Promise!

Yippee Skippee!!!!

I also realize a few more wants that I have tentatively on my want to get done list but didn't share yet because they are in a totally different wheel house.

What that? It's to fix a couple of necklaces I purchased while vacationing in Florida.  They both need at least a 1/2" to 1" added to their lengths so they fall correctly on me.

That's all.  A HUGE list with plenty of wiggle room.