Monday, October 6, 2008


Well as a child, everyone was quick to yell, Do Over, and you'd get a chance to do exactly that. Well, Blogspot, literally yelled, Do Over, because all 4 or 5 of my previous entries are gone. Not sure what happened. But since I am doing this blogging to cultivate my desire to create, eliminate and organize my life, well I am going to do just that. This do over will be done over. BUT since all of it was gone at the blink of an eye, I think I'll be printing out and journalling of what I post for a while. That way, any completed projects will be documented, as well as other parts of my life. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Quick review of previous post, I've always acquired more than I'd really needed to complete whatever topic holds my interests at that moment. Many interests of family, quilting, needle- works of all types, beading, reading, movies, hiking, biking, dancing, traveling, cooking, and Life. "If a little was good, than more was better" was one of my mantras. Even going as far as a self-claimed title of "PRINCESS OF QUITE ALOT, and QUEEN OF WHATEVER!" But enough! My passions are running into all parts of my house and I realize that I need to pare down this stuff. Especially if we will ever move to a warmer climate as we continue to age. So besides working on UFO's, my Weight, organizing my house and my life it'll be posted.

The photo added to this entry is my "AUTUMN SONG" quilt. It was recently on the home page of since all the fabrics were selected out of my "fabric library"(aka:stash) HeHeHe . I actually ran out of one of the fabrics, but luckily I remembered a friend bought some at the same time that I did and she generously donated it to my quilt. This took a little over a year to complete. I designed it on EQ5 after looking through my quilt book library. My inspiration came from It's Okay To Sit onMY Quilt Book, by Mary Ellen Hopkins.

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