Tuesday, May 11, 2021

It went to time out!

 I was stitching my binding on the Pilgrim hat wall hanging and S.N.I.P.


While trimming the corners so it could lie nicely I accidently cut through the edge of the binding.  Exasperatingly, I set it aside.  I have gardens and plantings to attend too.  I'm having a fit and am in a snit!


Thursday, April 1, 2021

April's Focus - No Foolin' this time

I started late on the RSC this year and played catch up with some of the colors already assigned to January and February.  Though not unique as I've seen squared blocks all over blog land, its something I've been wanting to start... so I did.  

36 Patch Units:    6 so far.

2 for each month:  January through March  (Pink, Yellow, Green were the recommended colors).  I'm using my scraps but in a different lineup as I pulled from my solids the RSC color and am sewing my 2 -1/2" scraps onto that color. 

 Looks like Spring or Easter candy so far.   Depending on the colors coming later on, I may use that color for a different project as I'm truly loving the softness and Springtime feel of this so far.  AND I'm using some scraps, a WIN, WIN for sure.  Will ponder the size as it goes on.

OMG for April and am linking up with Elm Tree Quilts too with my plan for April being this Pilgrim Hat I previously showed here but failed to finish.  The quilting is next and the rulers to play around with it have just arrived.   That is one of my April's goals.  

Another April goal is to make a Frida Kahlo Tea Pot Cozy.  I may go traditional or perhaps push my limits but not as graphic perhaps as her art.   No picture of that unless you wanted to see my lil' red Le Crueset tea pot .  lol 

Am also continuing with those spool blocks.  Trying to come up with different Spool ends for each of those 99 colored spools.  Wish me luck as that project is lingering and I want to so more progress with it and all of my UFOs!  

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope your Easter is beautiful!  My Co-vid Vaccine #2 is Saturday and I hope my reaction to it is nonexistent.  The first vaccine  I had a temporal headache and was chilled to the bone, can you say Tylenol and two quilts to the rescue.   TTFN. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Small finish and happy

Though she be small, she be fierce!   

A finish and one more kit done.  The good Lord knows I have plenty of kits in and my reason for acquiring them was for my retirement anyhow, that was my explanation.  lol   Now that I've been retired for 15 years I figure it's time to get  some finished and put to use.  

I figured the weight was close to 5 pounds since it's rather large and filled with sand, but my son weighed it when he stopped by for a visit and it's just shy of 3 pounds.  lol,  Still quite hefty.   Also I need to get some more sand as therre is only 1/2 cup left in my Folgers container.  I keep some on hand through the year since someone in the family has nut allergies and it's safer for pin cushion filling than the walnuts.  Since Spring is here I'll be heading to a local sand pit for more to process.

I sewed drawer stabilizer to the backing for stability on surfaces and then also created a tube of fabric for a binder clips area just in case.  



Thanks for stopping by.   I did start some 36 patch block units to align with the  Rainbow Scrap challenge that SoScrappy does.   Am hoping to stay with it this year even though I'm climbing on board late.   

Thursday, February 11, 2021

February 2021 OMG

 It's too late to link up with Elm Street Quilts however, I plan to finish January's leftover Pilgrim  wall  hanging as well as the Sewing machine pincushion photo below, and get the Kim Diehl BOM finished from last year that needs layering quilting and finishing (photo will be shared later).  

Bernina 440 stitched embroidery with the  metallic thread, no problem except the wonkiness from the user artistic license placing that spool of thread on the top. 
Which will stay as it is and how when I was starting out (age  7) the spool on top would "dance" with me going as fast as I could bringing up fond memories.   LOL

Below are a few of the tools I use for tracking the needles.  

This first tool - the Needle Tracker lets me know which needle is in the machine as there used to be (esp. pre co-vid times) elongated times that I endured no machine sewing.   I keep this just beneath my sewing machine, handy but not in the way.  

The next is a needle wallet to store some unique needles I use.  Like Joan Shay's appli-bond, titanium and those chrome needles I just received from Schmetz.   I store this on top of my needle container shared in my last post.

This last tool is placed on the same needle storage box in the top drawer and is for lightly used needles that still have more life left in them.  It even has blank spaces that I can customize the type and write on or off for special notations.  I call this my needle parking garage.

Thought I'd share a glimpse of how I organize some of those parts of my hobby not yet shared.  


Monday, February 8, 2021

Nice Surprise!

 A package came in the mail that my husband asked what I ordered now? 

"I didn't", I replied then went to see.  

Oh!!!!     It's Happy mail.  My heart raced a tad and a smile came along with a feeling of amazing wonder.  Just like Birthdays and Christmas mornings.

It's from so I quickly Opened the package.  Just  imagine my surprise.   A package of Chrome (professional)Needles, the ABC pocket guide and a coated tag displaying the color bands identities.  Love it!

During an Island Batik box opening from a blogger I follow, I noticed her January box had the "grabbit too" tag and loved that concept.  I had printed out the same illustration on oak tag paper for my  identification purposes and it was a bit worn looking.  When I saw hers I went to Schmetz to let them know I truly loved their quality products and was a huge fan of their needles especially and where could  I find that plastic coated tag.  The above was their response. 

So you all know I truly love their products here is the back up needle storage in the top drawer of my sewing table.  Many of you already know that the closest store for me is a 2 hour drive and that's to a  Joann's and any quilt shops are even further. So anytime the husband and I travel, I'd scope out the route with stores and shops available to store up my quilting supplies while going through those areas even the many trek for his health check ups in Massachusetts and neighboring states.  

During sales, I'll shore up the "stock on hand" at fantastic prices as you can see by the alphabeticalized filing of those specialty needles.  You can see the 3 "gross" needle boxes I have for the normal piecing needles (and I've already gone through one of those) as I do change my needle often.  

Thank you Rhonda and Schmetz, Inc. - You're the best!

Sunday, January 31, 2021

January 2021 OMG

 Almost there...  

Did get it sewn and then.  

Ooops, my fray block was dried up and not having any backups on hand, I ordered a tube from Amazon.  

Received the notice: order received, Delivery expected date February 10-17th, 2021.  WHAT?  

So a couple of days later thought, how about Walmart.  Checked and it was much better with the delivery for the next week.  Considering that 2 week pause during this, I'm feeling good this project got along as far as it did.   Only the pumpkin and some detail stitching left before getting it layered, quilted and finished.   It will be my first project finished for the year and I won't be derailed.   lol

Note to self- insert this into my February OMG to complete.  

Can't believe how fast this month flew by.  TTFN

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Bernie's here too!


Sharing just a bit of humor and fun which I think the world needs more of. 

I grabbed this picture from Janice Elaine Sews and don't know the pic editor and couldn't resist showing Bernie, a neighboring state resident who definitely marches to his own tune that blew up social meme since Inauguration Day!

Thursday, January 7, 2021

January 2021 Focus OMG

 Happy New Year!  

I am becoming more focused on my projects and plan to finish this Buttermilk Basin pilgrim Hat wall hanging completely for my One Monthly Goal for January.   Am linking up to Elm Street Quilts today for the OMG challenge just under the deadline.  

Haven't been posting again recently since my health had a minor speed bump that needed further studies.  But with seeing an Electrophysiologist in Cardiology today in VT,  I got the all clear to resume my health improvements with further tests down the road.     Thankfully.  

Also have been working on the Spools as my hump jumper project.  



Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 Books Read

My love of reading and the quest to empty more of my bookshelves has found 2020 to be another successful year.    Here are the books read:
  1. The Manhattan Club  *
  2. Of Blood and Bone
  3. The Rise of the Magicks
  4. When Breath becomes Air - BC  (book club)
  5. Atomic Habits
  6. Crossing Over
  7. The Assassin 
  8. Fahrenheit 451
  9. Black Wind 
  10. The Final Day 
  11. A Game For Heroes
  12. Don't Kiss Them Goodbye
  13. The Whole Truth 
  14. A quiver full of Arrows 
  15. Fear Nothing
  16. Around the World in 80 Tales
  17. The Perfect Happiness
  18. Nights of Rain and Stars
  19. Where I'd like to live - Couldn't find a link anywhere, sorry
  20. Queen of the Sun
  21. Educated
  22. Look Behind You
  23. Night Watch
  24. Woman in Cabin 10
  25. Island of Sea Women
  26. Buddha is as Buddha Does
  27. Princess Anna
  28. Night bird
  29. A Lawman's Christmas
  30. Blackbird House
  31. Women in Sunlight 
  32. The Lying Game
  33. Death of Mrs. Westaway 
  34. The Women
  35. Logan
  36. The Alchemist
  37. Hot Stuff
  38. Dylan
  39. Double Whammy
  40. Little House Living 
  41. The Authenticity Project
  42. Under Magnolia
  43. Your Next Breath
  44. The Liar
  45. The Cat who Blew the Whistle
  46. Every Note Played
  47. Between the World and Me
  48. Blue
  49. The Stranger
  50. Tyler
  51. The Last Man
  52. Cottage by the Sea
  53. Transcendent Kingdom
  54. The Blood Sugar Solution 10 day detox 
  55. The Narrows
  56. The Overlook
  57. Big Sky River
  58. The Creed Legacy
  59. A Creed Country Christmas
  60. Icebound
  61. Two Little Girls in Blue 

Out of the first five listed only one came off my shelves *.   Years ago I figured books were like fabric and expanded my collections as there was room but seeing this logistically now, I need to read more home stuff before the acquired ones from family, friends and the local library if I want to make any headway on making space on those shelves.  

Also there were books I read the first 100-160 pages of and if it didn't click with me,  I'd stop reading - my own self-imposed rule.    That includes titles for my Book Club gatherings, so I didn't list those as they weren't finished because I had another which hopefully would be more worthy of my time.   GASP!  They could be literary tomes, but I personally would find them stalled and not that enjoyable, just not my cup of tea so set them aside.  (Three cups of tea- now that one I enjoyed thoroughly many years ago!)  
This reading list aligns with my "Dreams of 100" that I tract each year and I surpass it thankfully.  That list tracks completed projects, travels, courses/classes, museums or exhibits seen, hiking, biking, and areas I spent my life on.  It's a nice visualization and remembrance as I reflect how my time was spent.  For the past 6 years I've excelled the self proclaimed 100 (even with 2020 being such a trying year thanks to the Co-vid 19 and it's variance) that number was surpassed too.   

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas 2020


This pic was shared via Patchwork Plus newsletter that I think shines light on this season nicely.

Wishing you warmth, love and a promising 2021.