Friday, October 31, 2008


The wall hanging on the left I finished several months ago. Thought it would be nice to share it with you now though since Halloween is here. Its named "Witch's Delight".

I do love the fall. In the Adirondacks, the air is crisp and aromatic. The colors seem so intense. Usually the sky has a more formidable look. Perhaps a warning that cooler, wetter and whiter weather will soon be here.

With witches all around for the Trick or Treat season, I thought it was appropriate to share a couple photos of 2 of my grandchildren. This is PGS#2 who is age 12. Preteen years are a troublesome time usually, but he can be so nice. Just look at the photos to see the attentiveness he gives to his cousin, PGD#1 who is 3. He is actually acting a little goofy trying on her hat while playing with her. She was on her way to a Halloween party this past Sunday, so her Mom thought it would be nice to stop by to "scare" Meme and Papi with the little witch. We are so blessed.

PGS#2 age 12
PGD#1 age 3

PGD#1 with her full attire!
PGD#1 at her preschool Halloween Parade.

I just love this photo. It makes me think that she's envisioning her future and the fine woman she will become.
The family genetics are amazing . Her look reminds me of her Mom, My youngest sister, and 2 different nieces besides of course a little of me.

Hmmm.... I too wonder.


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