Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Today, history is being made. I do wonder what direction this country will go in. Being an optimist, I believe all things are possible, yet at the same time believe each one of us makes a difference. We all contribute positively, negatively or if no preferences made, then we each add to the burden of others, thereby without our input, makes a difference.
I want to be a positive being in all I do. I feel like I always try to maintain myself with grace and dignity. Usually when I'm faced with challenges, its difficult for me to move forward. Although I feel I do move forward just with my thinking and appraising a situation. Recently friends sent me a distressing email. I truly was surprised at the flavor of the note. My response was to clarify my intention and to soothe their egos and yet personally I have written them off. When hurt by something or someone, I'll forgive them but, I will no longer hold them close or to trust them again. So this friendship will be now of my convenience, if it is to be at all. They did once hold a dear place in my heart and were good for me and my family when I needed them and when they also needed me. But clearly that time is no more. It is time to continue moving forward.
My stitcher's angel gifts were received by Cuny from the Netherlands. In this blog you can see her or it might be her daughter Karen, modelling her apron. I am so glad she likes the gifts I made for her. I truly enjoyed this swap and am so glad I was able to fulfill it so pleasantly.
Well, I have a sick grandchild here today who is yelling MeMe! So I'll go comfort her. Enjoy your day. Today DH and I will vote, then go on to visit PGS#1 at his school. His birthday was the day before Halloween when we were in VT at a Cooking show and couldn't visit him, so we'll celebrate with him tonight.
Take Care.


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