Sunday, November 23, 2008


I am so satisfied but sore! I was able to meet my personal trainer 2 times this past week. We met on Tuesday and she adapted many exercies to alleviate problems from my back injury. Despite that, by the time I got home after a couple of errands I hurt so bad I went to bed. The next day I did 12 minutes on my elliptical, So we met again on Thursay. I was actually hobbling into the Y to meet her. After moving for awhile the pain eases somewhat, so I was able to do the exercises on that day. We are targeting different areas with each meeting. Usually we start with an aerobic activity such as walking or biking then move on and do weights. Typically a light weight with 2 sets of 8 or 10 repetitions. It has been wonderful. This week I will be joining the Gym. I need to put myself first instead of all my family's commitments. I know I am not the only woman and mother that has done this. I am trying to instill in my daughter to make time for herself. I know I was a horrible example in this, so I am trying to let her know the best example is to live it for her daughter. That she needs to break that family trend!

I was able to get the table runner totally woven and did get the fabric borders selected for it and have pre washed all. Now to get to it. Maybe I could FOCUS on that and have it done so I could hand sew the binding on while travelling to my brothers' home in Rhode Island for Thanksgiving.
Recently, I quilted my waffle time runner which I backed with Kaffe Fassett Westminister fabrics, to make it reversible. I love the fabrics and the design of quilting I used. It was from Kim Stotsenberg, Just Leaf It design. But Yuck! My stitches were horrible... so have been ripping them out to have a redo on the quilting! Well TaTa for now!


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