Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tribute to a gentle giant

My dear Uncle Don passed away yesterday. He was a kind, dedicated, honorable, large and very determined man. There are so many attritubes that he collected in his 81 years young, that it is with relief and sadness I am posting this. Gainfully employed his whole life, with the traditional dedicated wife and children. Thereby followed with grandchildren and great-grandchildren. For the most part he was a man who kept to himself. Sharing a few intellectual and insightful words here and there, BUT don't anybody even think of crossing that man. That would be when the determination that runs through our family line will rear it's head very quickly and THAT is THAT! End of subject.
His life ended without him really knowing all who loved him. Alhzeimers is such a terrible, unforgiving and encroaching disease. Robbing a family of a person well before the body starts giving up. He will be missed. I'll end this as he always did when we were parting. "Janie, You be good now."

Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Gathering Successful

I hope all of you had a wonderful Holiday, whatever religious traditions you lean towards. On Christmas Eve, we were able to attend the candle light service for church. Our daughter and her family also went, so it was even more special with our precious granddaughter at church with us.
Christmas day was uneventful and normally paced. All of our family came for dinner at 5:30, that was followed by gift exchanges around the tree shortly afterwards. A splendid time was had by all! Our menu was super easy this year. Not trying to outdo any recipes, we purchased frozen lasagna and garlic bread. Yummy and easy! Perfect. Note to self....keep things easy so you can really enjoy without any added stress!
With the Near Year coming along so quickly, I am thinking about what, if any new positive changes I chould/should embrace, besides trying to maintain the healthier life styles choices I've already implemented.
The guild my Mom belongs to is having their UFO challenge again this year. I'll be posting my UFOs on a future posting. Hopefully with this year's challenge I'll be able to keep up with the pace. Last years', I did complete 1 UFO (the postage stamp basket stippling skillbuilder)and attempted to finish one other UFO, I still need to finish that one though! Total count was five, so most people would say I failed horribly, but being the optimist I am, I say yeah! 1 more UFO down! How's that for self delusion! HeHeHe. Stay Well.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Getting ready for the Holidays have always been very hectic and tiring for me, but not this year. All the packages have been sent and all are wrapped, now to get to the Christmas cards today. Usually I have multi-tasked to get everything done but this year, I've been able to stay with one task until completed where then I'll get to the next project. It is very pleasing to say...thats all done, now this is all done... I love this time of year. There is a Christmas Coral this evening at a nearby church that I want to see this evening.

Much has happened since my last post. My DH had a pacemaker replacement, I've had 2 different surgical procedures and my daughter has a new son. What a large little guy he is. He weighed over 9lb! Mom and he are both healthy and happy. Our computer, in the den has hit a wall and our digital camera was broke on our way home from my brothers house over the Thankgiving Holiday. So was able to purchase a new camera, BUT the computer won't allow any more increases in space for this type of software program to run. It is being replaced since it's over 9 years old. So I'll post pictures of PGS#3 when our electronic woes are fixed. I think I may hold on to the old upgraded computer for my sewing room. I will have to rearrange all of it to accomodate it, so we'll see. Just a muse at this point.

Creatively, was able to rip out all the stitches of the waffletime runner, however haven't made the time for much sewing with every thing else going on. Hopefully I find a little time today for some. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.