Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tribute to a gentle giant

My dear Uncle Don passed away yesterday. He was a kind, dedicated, honorable, large and very determined man. There are so many attritubes that he collected in his 81 years young, that it is with relief and sadness I am posting this. Gainfully employed his whole life, with the traditional dedicated wife and children. Thereby followed with grandchildren and great-grandchildren. For the most part he was a man who kept to himself. Sharing a few intellectual and insightful words here and there, BUT don't anybody even think of crossing that man. That would be when the determination that runs through our family line will rear it's head very quickly and THAT is THAT! End of subject.
His life ended without him really knowing all who loved him. Alhzeimers is such a terrible, unforgiving and encroaching disease. Robbing a family of a person well before the body starts giving up. He will be missed. I'll end this as he always did when we were parting. "Janie, You be good now."

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