Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby It's Cold outside!

Nostrils freezing with every breath, car tires crunching the snow, whiteness has enveloped everything. At first light in the morning, the earth has an erethral, glistening quality to it, seeming to shroud all life with it's spirit. It seems magical, but Brrrrr! Baby it's cold outside. The temp read -28 degrees farenheit this am.

That being said, I am so happy to be travelling to visit my Mom down in Florida. DH and I are leaving Monday! Yippee! The funniest thing though occurred when we were purchasing our airline tickets at the ticket booth in the airport terminal.

Me: We'd like to purchase round trip tickets to Florida leave on Monday and return in February. (Of course I gave the specific dates).

Ticket Agent: Okay, yes it's available for 2 adults, price going down is $79.00 and the return trip is $29.00 each (I knew this, because we checked out the best prices on the internet before we went there).

Me; Great, we'll take them

TA: Seats are $15 - $25.00, where do you want to sit?

ME: Your kidding, (I was discreetly looking around thinking there was a hidden camera somewhere) Could I look at the schematics of the plane, then I'll let you know?

TA: We don't do that, just let me know if there is any where specifically that you'd like to sit.

ME: Well, we would like the emergency exit seat to have leg room (I broke my ankle a couple of years ago and being long legged, I truly love to be able to stretch out my legs for a 3+ hour ride especially).

TA: Okay, that'll be $25.00 each, for each direction. (By this piont, I'm laughing, I can't believe that when you buy a ticket, you then have to by a "seat".) Are you bringing any luggage?

ME: Yes, we'll have 2.

TA: Okay that's $30.00 per piece of luggage, what about him (as she directs her attention to my DH)?

Me: Yes he'll have luggage too, but we each will have 1 bag to check and 1 bag as a carryon. I'm still chuckling, I can't believe all the add ons)

This rapport continued in this vein with several other items. Sufficit to say, the total came close to $400.00 for 2 people with round trip tickets and having SEATS as well as carrying luggage. Hehe! I still find humor in it. It really isn't a bad price, but what a racket. Why don't they just charge a fair price and call it that without all the extras that need to be added.

So, with the trip coming up so quickly, I've been setting all up, travel arrangements, car rentals, travelers checks, prescriptions with over-rides, etc..... Next on my list is cleaning my house. I love travelling, but I also love to come home to a clean house, including fresh sheets. So tomorrow, paper work, house work, recycleables returned and make a soup out of the leftover vegetables in the fridge, besides watching a 1 month old grandson in am. Sunday, will take care of the laundry, make lemon poppy seed muffins for my read and bead group which meets in the afternoon, need to make 2 valentine postcards and send out some mail to friends as well as my penalty squares for buying fabric when I was on the No-Buy Challenge list in Stashbusters. Leaving the packing and changing the sheets on Monday before we leave. Ooooh, I love being organized! Sunshine state, here we come! Stay Well and Warm!


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