Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm back.....Long post

Just got home Friday night from visiting my Mom in Florida and having a little vacation with "DH". What a wonderful trip. Despite my last post of our ticket purchase for a flight with Allegiant Airlines, the flight was smooth, nice and rather quick. Much easier than driving all that way. We rented a car after landing so while visiting Mom and her Boyfriend, we were able to come and go without having to rely on their vehicle. This was so much nicer. I can relate now more easily with Mom (Which I really never have had a problem doing) of how she felt her first year in Florida without her own set of wheels.
The time flew, Mom and I didn't get as much alone time as I had hoped for. I told DH I could see him any time at home, that I wanted to spend some more time with Mom. He understood, but my Mom wasn't feeling the best the last week we were there. Regardless, I was glad to get there to see her and reconnect.
While traveling in Florida, we went to the Keys.
The Keys are such a beautiful area and the weather was tropic even for January! Since we were only there 2 full days, we left with quite a tan. I was pleasantly surprised. I did use a 30spf lotion so I wouldn't burn, which I didn't. Luckily though, neither one of us has peeled either.
One of our days was spent sight seeing Key West. The 1 1/2 hour ride took us about 4 hours since we really enjoyed the journey. Robbie's Marina allowed you to go on their docks for $1.00 each. It was unbeleivable the number and sizes of the tarpon that swam aroung the docks. Of course, since fish was the menu, quite a few feathered friends were trying the "all you can eat approach to". Baria Honda Beach for a little hike before crossing the 7 mile bridge. A beautiful day in Key West taking a trolley tour, seeing Ernest Hemmingway's house, the Southernmost point in the "Continental USA", shopping, Mallory Square with many artists sharing their talents, a beautiful sunset off the wharf, Marguaritaville, Slopppy Joe's establishment even a drag show which was really quite funny! So we successfully did the "Duval Crawl". Of course, I switched from alcohol to soda or water. That being said, you guessed it , I was the DD. We returned to our resort in Key Largo at 3:15 am! Glad we had the next day to play - lounge lizards.

The resort we stayed at was luxurious. 2 pools and a jacuzzi with Tiki bar, and at the ocean beach with another tiki bar. Swam, drank, used jacuzzi, drank, sunshine, drank, swam, heaven! This is the view from floating in the pool. The bougainvillia were hanging over the waterfall flowing into the pool after a 10 foot drop. Beautiful! I miss swimming in the North during the winter. I'll have to try to fit in the YMCA this week for swimming. It was so wonderful. My plan on swimming with the dolphins though was crossed off my list on this trip. The temperature of the ocean was a little too cold for me.

We were also able to see most of the Everglades. We saw every type of animal that resides there, with the exception of snakes and the cougar, THANK GOODNESS! I never knew cougars were so far south and was surprised to see signs warning people of them being in an area. So we hiked several trails, rode the rental car to the southern most point called Flamingo Point and then proceeded back north and to the western side of the state via Alligator Alley and Cypress National Park so we could find our lodging in Everglade City. Toured that side of the glades in a Carolina boat. It was only DH and I as passengers for the tpur, so the captain (owner) was able to really personalize our trip for us. It was gorgeous weather and pleasant. Saw dolphins and even a mother and youthful Manatee. Such shy creatures. Only the tip of their snouts were evident besides the cloudy trail they left behind while negotiating the waters. Mangroves, shell islands, fishing, ospreys, pelicans.... all were wonderful.
By the time we traveled up the west coast, visited a beach, transversed the "Sunshine Bridge going into St. Petersburg and back to stay with my Mom, I was thouroughly rested and recharged. A good thing too, since The Villages were having their Quilt show. How outstanding it was.
The talent that was evident was truly amazing. Especially Mom. Her quilt "At Last" won a ribbon as an Honorable Mention. This quilt is beautiful.

While reading the label printed for the show, I started crying because she mentioned that this quilt was coming to me. I know my Mom loves me, but seeing what was written really touched my heart. The amount of time she has invested in this quilt is unbelievable. It's has celtic knot blocks, besides appliqued vines with roses, and celtic knot center medallion with vines and roses too. The borders also have Rose and vines appliqued on them. Her quilting is beautifully done. Besides hand quilting a gridwork, she hand quilted stippling within her blocks' celtic areas. The detail! I'll be posting some photos when I get a chance. Even now, just talking about it, I have a little too much moisture in my eyes.

Well, I'll catch up more in a future post and what else that has been going on. Sorry this has been so wordy, but I wanted to relay a little of what I had been doing in the past several weeks in my absence. Enjoy!


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