Monday, March 30, 2009

Back from WWW of Wadhams.

Had a great time at the most recent "wild, wonderful and wacky women of Wadham's retreat". Friends of mine have been organizing this retreat since it's inception about 3 years ago. What a fantastic time. The main area where the sewing is done is a large conference room with 20+ tables scattered through out. There are clusters of 3-5 tables so enough room for 3-6 women to sew at each cluster of tables. There are also 2 addlitional rooms available during the day for laying out quilt tops, or for lounging and doing some hand work. One large table was set for the cutting out and/or measuring borders and larger projects. Besides that, there were other larger surface areas available besides the floor, such as the ping-pong table, a pool table and a foos ball table for draping our quilt tops on.
Friendship, fellowship, creativity was abound wherever you looked. Many women went for walks, shopping excursions, yoga sessions, singing in the chapel on the premises, sewing, resting and of course eating. All meals were provided from Friday night through Sunday lunch time and each and every year, Marie and Jeff do an incredible job making all of us feel welcome and creating sustainable feasts for every palette.

It was nice to reconnect with the many friends you meet through years, all the while still staying focused a little bit on progressing the UFO's each person brings to progress on.

I brought way too much.... again. I always think I'll be able to accomplish much than I actually do. Perhaps if I wasn't visiting as much as I did that I could of, but what would be the fun of that? Exactly! So I really am thrilled of what I did do and especially seeing and reconnecting with my friends.
* Actually finished the Disappearing 9 Patch flimsy including the borders added and the piping and binding all cut and sewn together ready to assemble. I didn't measure, just did a rough estimate so I can only hope the dark blue binding that matches the quilt will be enough on hand. If not, I'll have to be creative. Time will tell. Now to wait for the minkee delivery so it will be finished.
* Did get the doll blanket front and back all pieced together. I need to layer that, quilt and then bind it and then I'll show you a picture of it.
* Sewed 2 pillowcases for Christmas gifts.
* Was able to cut out 7 flannel crib sheets for PGS#3's bedding. Figured it would be the easiest to do there while having a large table available. Those I did, while every one else had mostly left, and only the last few stragglers were packing up to leave.
* Finished the Arc block on the Noah's Arc stitcheries and ablre to start on the next one while watching 2 movies. The movies were: The Secret Lives of Bees and Frozen River. The last one was based on a mother of 3 children, overwhelmed by debts, chossing to smuggle humans across the border via the Mohawk Land and was filmed in this area. Sipping wine, narrating and sewing with friends. Wonderful.

I won't list the additional projects that I brought to work on, but believe me, I think there were about 5-6 more. I'm glad I left those in the car as a just in case I finished all the others listed above, besides another baby quilt kit I had brought in my main case.

I easily could have stayed to sew those up too, but with the 3 hours ride home, I thought it would be best to leave so I'd get home around 6pm. Maybe the next time I'll try to go for one more day. that way I'd have 2 full days of sewing instead of only 1, and that day I went with friends to a local quilt shop that has wonderful Kona solids for $4.50 a yard. Was able to pick up 8 yards of one solid burgandy color and a 10 yard piece of a pistachio color. Both legit buys of course! Hehehe.

Unpacking today, laundry, watching grandchildren, and catching my breath.
Stay Well and follow your bliss.

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