Friday, March 6, 2009

Where did this week go?

As for quilty things finished, not alot to report. Did finish my giraffe and also the turtle embroideries for my Noahs' Ark freebie designed by Lynette Anderson. I hope to have them completed by the end of March. Hand stitching is such an enjoyable, meditative task. Easy to put down and then when you come back to it, easy to start right back in again where you left off. No rocket scientific means needed here.

A friend and I went to a local bead shop called the Lily Pond this past Monday. The owner is a friend and the queen of knowledge IMHO when it comes to anything beady. She taught us how to wrap wire for making dangles and attaching charms to any project we may want to make.

My newest grandson (PGS#3) has been suffering with colic. The Dr's said he had reflux. Try this formula after my daughter weened him. He suffered through weekly trials of different formulas and medications for 5 weeks. Last Tuesday, Grandma had enough, I substituted his formula for sugared water. Well, PGS#3 had a total personality change. He was cooing, smiling, looking around bright eyed..... You get the picture, from a baby Mr. Hyde to a miniaturized Dr. Jekyll. I think being born so big he should have doubled his birth weight. Well he hasn't. We still don't know what's going on medically, but he's now on Nutrimagen a formala for infants with allergies to cow protein. So he's doing better. The four previous medications have been stopped and now he's only on one new one with directions for him to take once a day. Much better. Since then, I've seen him developing normal baby skills. What a relief. He still needs to see a specialist, but at least he's not scrunched up in a ball of pain screaming.

Here's a picture of him with his older sister feeding him a bottle for her first time. She is such a beautiful soul. So very patient with him and even through the months that he has been in pain and crying, never once did I see her get short or cross because of his noise, even though she might be watching one of her favorite movies. She would occasionly go to him and try to soothe him, even asking him while trying to tickle him slightly, " Where's is that smile?" "Where's that smile?". What a sister he's got!
Enjoy your day. I know I'll enjoy mine.


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