Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yippee, 2 more finishes!

Today was a wonderful day. I actually woke at 3:45 and laid in bed for half an hour, before I said enough! So I got up and got around. Am so glad I did. Trying to be quiet for DH who was still sleeping I read email first with my cuppa tea. Knowing full well the amount of time that is gobbled up every day on the computer, I envisioned making a time management sheet to help me stay focused on the time I do have. So the first hour this am I played in excell and did my computer things. Onto the kitchen and made a dessert needed later today for my Read and Bead Group, (Aka - The Artists Way). Cleaned up then proceeded into my sewing room to tidy up.

Spent several hours in there, starting off with some mending. ALways is a dreaded chore, but am so glad it's done. As I was straightening things up and putting items away, I stumbled onto an apron that I started sewing with PGD#1 several weeks ago. Thought to myself I'll work on that.... TADA! Finished. Totally reversible with one side having tiny cupcakes and the other showing some of Sesame Streets finer characters with there cooresponding first initial letters. CUTE...I can't wait til tomorrow, PGD#1 has a field trip to make pretzels, so I'll bring it for her to wear.

The afternoon was spent with friends at a local bead store and VIOLA! I made my first pair of earrings. I had purchased the items while vacationing down in Florida. Bought the string of Black Onyx beads and a string of Smokey Topaz beads as well as the SS earrings, bead caps, pins, and a couple of different sized silver beads. Not bad for a total of $32.21 so 1 pair of earrings made and then maybe I'll find some more appropriate fixings and make a charm type of bracelet with the other onyx beads. Here they are. I absolutely Love them. After finishing them, I continued doing my Dutch Spiral Rope. I think I have about 3" - 4" left to bead so then I'll get to the closure and on to the right angle weave needed for the pendant that will be worn with the necklace. (On 3/26/09 I came back after I was able to have my camera loading and downloading fixed, and the pictures are too blurry to show. Must be the high reflection of the flash and the operator of the camera too. You'll just have to take my word for it, they're beautiful.)

Well off to bed, Stay Well.


Wouldn't you know it, my camera downloading is not available. AAaargh! I really do loath this computer at times. I have the pictures on my chip, but the software won't allow me to download the photos. When it cooperates, I'll come back and add the pictures.
While on the field trip, I took photos too. So precious! Ms. Tracy, the preschool teacher complimented the apron and wondered if I would make 3-4 more for the childrens playtime, that the school would pay me for them..... Hummm, I'll probably will do it, but when?

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