Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Glad spring tidings are sent your way. Wishing you all a wonderful Easter Day. I am ever grateful for all the blessings I've received through my life. I especially am so overwhelmed by the talented people I've met. Recently, a friend's Mom was visiting and she attended the retreat with us several weeks ago. Her name is Sylvia and she doesn't quilt or do needle things, she paints. OM! I am ever so glad she does! She was doing her painting and I told her I loved what she was doing. That if it wasn't intended elsewhere I would love to buy it. She refused payment and said simply, "It's yours." Check it out.

I love the way she used all the colors that she did. To me I get the feeling of springtime. There is a soft awakening of the earth and the elements of nature are coming back to life. Thank You so much Sylvia! Now I need to select an appropriate frame after I get back from visiting my sister in Maryland. Will be in touch after a week plus.


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