Monday, April 6, 2009

Not much to report

With the bronchitis/asthma flair up, I've been down for the past week. Went to the Dr's on Friday so had a nebulizer treatment which helped me to breathe. The Dr. ended up giving me a script for a home machine with medicine for it and an antibiotic just in case since it was Friday and the coming weekend. Did try to clear up my lungs with the asthma rx and realized it wasn't getting that much better, so DH filled my antibiotic RX yesterday. Slept most of the day and even this morning. But am finally starting to feel better and can move a little without feeling like I have to cough up a LUNG!
I did complete all the embroideries for the Noah's Ark wallhanging so now just need to trim them. Then to sew fabric with a log cabin style frame around each one and assemble it together so I can finish it. (KISS Jane!) Don't try to do more with it and let it be.

While at Wadhams, I brought an embroidery I did several years ago of a basket of flowers on a pretty light yellow plaid fabric. I love the simplicity of that design, but I couldn't figure out how I should finish it. I always seem to want to make these never ending projects and complicate things. Enough! A good friend laid it out with a couple of sample fabrics she had used in a quilt and it was beautiful just like that. Duhhhhh! Why didn't I think of that. She used just a little frame of a brown wood tone fabric with a darker burgandy fabric for the outer border and binding. Perfect. So she actually has scraps that will work. Nice! A piece of "Trudy" will be in my Wallhanging.
This photo is of my postage stamp basket table topper that I have on display for our Easter season. I started doing these basket blocks and initially thought it would be beautiful as a quilt. Well the blocks are 4" square, suffice to say, I finished 17 blocks. Said "hey girl, just finish it and simplifly things". Two (2) blocks were rejected because their coloring was off for the Easter and springtime theme. So actually made one more block that would work and used this quilt topper as a stippling skillbuilder. I had fun machine stippling this. I actually did 2 basket blocks with the free form feathers though, shhhh! don't tell anyone that there is a duplicate pattern. It's my design decision. No one has noticed yet and I've showed many of my quilty friends this piece and it being a skillbuilder with different designs. So no one's the wiser, Except of course you and me (Wicked grin here). The last photo I hope you'll be able to see some of the stitching better than the larger picture. The bloc k on the upper right has what I call the olives aka double loopy loops. Oh, this was also a chance for me to try to do some trapunto. It makes the baskets quite puffy on the table top though, but with the stippling in the background, I enjoyed doing and learning this technique. What do they say, easy peasy!
Stay Well,


Golden Years Gal said...

How cute!
Get well soon.

Gabi said...

Beautiful quilt. I quite enjoyed it scrolling through your blog.
You asked me on my blog to contact you about the Dragonfly Boudoir Box and I have no clue to contact you other then this here. Hope this is ok.
The design is from Chatelaine Designs and the design is not available through her website as far as I know. But you can purchase temp. retired patterns directly from the designer. You can find all info here: