Tuesday, June 30, 2009

D9P quilted then a snag...

I feel great with getting the quilting done on the disappearing nine patch (D9P) quilt for the youngest grandson, but I hit a snaffu.

Since my daughter wanted it larger a couple of months ago, I compliantly added two more rows of blocks to the quilt to make it the size she wanted. Anyway, the dark blue I had planned on using as a binding, I am short by approximately 4"! Can you believe it. I knew I was running short so I even did a straight seam when connecting the strips end to end instead of doing my traditional 45 degree seam when strip pieces the binding together. I pinned it to the edge of the quilt and turned each corner as I normally would when sewing and dang.... SHORT. So, now what.... humm..I'll be contemplating how to finish this appropriately. Have several ideas but I'm not sure what would be best for this quilt.

I also have a little problem with the counted cross stitch kit I was working on. It's a Jane Greenoff design, Images of London and it's the Queen's Guard of Buckingham Palace. I lost the directions to it. I have quite a bit of it already stitched, but of course have the smaller details to finish it up and I can't find the directions anywhere. I know I had it in Massachusetts while visiting my PGS#1, who also is coming home this weekend! Besides that, I had it while traveling about with my daughter with her children, Vermont for DH's appointment, the living room, patio, dining room and have retraced my steps without any luck so far.

So I think my plan will be is to shelf this particular project and jump onto one of the other 8 kits that go with it.
I think I'll be doing the double decker bus next, but I'll try to re-design a "Piccadilly Square" in the wording area of the bus instead of what it says of "Come see our Show", especially since this is where my sister and I stayed when we visited London 9 years ago.

Stay well, and Happy stitching.


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