Friday, June 5, 2009

Mary Ellen Hopkins lectures...

What a dynamic, petite woman with enough personality for 5 people! In the past 10-20years, I've always said that if Mary Ellen Hopkins was anywhere near where I was, I would do anything within my power to see her. Well, another dream of mine has come true.

Wednesday night and all day Thursday, Mary Ellen Hopkins gave a lecture at a neighboring guild and I atold Dh that I was going. Yep, I didnt; even ask, I just told him. No problem, got a hotel room and left. She has a simple yet to me, an unusual approach to her quilt making. The most complex blocks, she can irradicate the instruction into the simplest of terms and have a stunning quilts at the sae time. Her use of color is unique and I still am a huge fan. I love the size of the strips she uses too. One of her mantras is to cut the strip no larger than 1.5" at the maximum. Smaller is better for cutting, longer is better for buying. Besides

What an enjoyable time. I was able to meet friends that I made while quilting at Paul Smiths Quilt Conference years ago, besides made some new friends. A little shout out to Cheryl, Louise, Judy, Kathy and Pat, I really enjoyed meeting and spending time with you.

When I checked out of the hotel, I was using the clock in the room and not my wrist watch. I thought it unusual that the front desk clerk never set the 6am wake up call but set it for 7am, but I thought, people are people and sometimes mistakes happen. No big Deal, I'm up anyway and have enough time to get dressed, shower, go out to eat and have breakfast, check out and get to the place where the lecture is. It was starting at 9am. Proceeded with my agenda in a timely manner, and while enroute to the lecture hall, called DH to let him know my plans when I looked at the clock on the dash board. I was one hour and 20 minutes early. Hummmm, the clerk was right and really had called at 6 am. SO now what?
Well I figured I'd drive and scout out a copuple of shops some of the ladies had told me about the night before. The Wooden Needle which is a stitchery shop and the Vermont Fabric and Yarn shop which is a quilt shop so I'd know how to get to them quickly after the lecture. But..... I stumbled across some different views. I absolutely loved it and was thrilled about it, quirky and some parts stunningly beautiful. PS, Have you ever wondered where bicycles came from?

They grow in Vermont! I never knew that.

The stacked rocks are amazing. Such Talent. These pictures are done by an amature, but I am impressed with the quality of my photos. It must of been the exceptional early morning light. I'm so glad I messed up the time, otherwise all of this would have been lost to me. The early morning light was shining on the bicycles hanging in the tree which made me turn the car around, pull over to investigate and brought me closer so I could see.
Then I saw the stone work. WOW! I love to witness the finished artwork of someone who has found their niche and allows their passion to flow. Beautiful! I kept trying to find out the artists' name, I think it might be woman named Thea from some hints I saw in the split log egg/hen house, but I couldn't find out anything more about her or possibly him at the lecture.

This guy was the only inhabitant I saw. He kept following me around I'm sure just wondering what this strange lady was doing in his yard, but he also wasn't sure which door to choose.

Any suggestions?

Enjoy your day, it won't be repeated.


Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Mary Ellen is a national treasure to the quilting world. I loved your so much artistry.


Carol Wood said...

Your amusing article made me SMILE! I needed a little 'lift' today. Thanks so much!

Carol Wood said...

I enjoyed your amusing article. It definitely made me SMILE! Thanks so much for posting it.:)