Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PGD#1 Graduated

Here's a photo of my beautiful, smart and very precious GD. She just completed her first year of preschool. It's amazing the way her teacher taught her and all of the wonderful children in her class all the skills that she did. What an amazing and blessed teacher. Structure, creativity, playtime, story time, snack time and all that accomplished in only 3 hours a couple of times a week. She knows her alphabet, knows the sounds each letter makes, can sign language the alphabet (timidly), knows the Pledge of Allegiance, counts to 20, numerous songs, has an idea of the days of the week & calendar and knows the schedule of her class time and she still is only 3! PGD#1 will be four in August so she is right on track with her education. She even learned to bang the tambourine, which she does here and then insists that everybody help pick up the toys that she's had out, while she plays the tambourine. Too precious and what a joy.


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