Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

America celebrates her Birthday today. Thanks to all who helped develop her into the amazing country she is. I know she is young compared to many of the older countries of our fore fathers, but she is a country where all things are possible.

The liberties we Americans have are incredible. I am not naive and do realize the facade that many of our establishments have, but I also believe the ideas on how they started are altruistic, it's just the greed and power struggles of the many that have tainted a beautiful dream and have tarnished the present state with corruption within these agencies.

In my positive thinking, I believe that the final result is not yet here, that all beliefs are plausible and possible, if we just put action behind our thoughts, the world will truly indeed be a better place. Each one of us makes a difference be it by thought, service, courage and/or perseverance

So Happy Birthday America, and I wish you to continue to be a symbol of strength, hope and dreams for the many in this world who are still trod upon. Liberty is a beautiful thing.