Friday, July 3, 2009

Rain in the North Country

On one of my groups I belong to, another member had posted this poem. It is perfect for the weather we are experiencing here. The lady who posted this didn't say she wrote it or gives any other credit towards the talented author whoever they may be, it acctually could be her.

"Rain in the North Country"

For weeks it's been raining,
My energy's draining.
My fabric feels damp,
My brain has a cramp.
Ive lost motivation.
I need a vacation!
I'd go someplace sunny,
If I had some money.
Instead, I'm stuck here,
Where the weather is drear.
Since I'm trapped indoors,
I'll vacuum the floors.
It's better, I think,
Than turning to drink.
Still, whiskey on ice
Does sound pretty nice.
If it's raining tomorrow,
Then I'll drown my sorrow.

Rain or shine, Stashbusters, it's time to vacuum that floor!
Contributed by: --Margaret in soggy New Hampshire, aka Ms. Wacky Vaccy

Hope you enjoyed it.


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