Thursday, October 22, 2009


I have had my woven table runner assembled since last fall. I only have to cut, sew and quilt the borders and it would be done then I realized that I didn't like my fabric choice for the reversible side.

This is one side will be. My initial focus fabric. I intend to have a fall with a new Years celebratory table runner with this one.

With being a stashbuster, I thought I'd shop my stash and the next 2 are the possibilities that were found.
This last one I really like the fabric, BUT feel the smaller square design of the fabric will compete with the stars. So it may not have an adhesive effect in the finished project.

(I know give me a string and I'll make a knotted mess of it. I need to remember what good friends say....keep it simple Jane!)

Then I saw the remains of my bolt of Black fabric I have out to finish the borders of my patience corners and thought YEah! I think that may be best.

Are you seeing a repitition of staling on the borders here...humm.
Well, if you have any thoughts, I'd sure appreciate it.
Thanks and Happy Stitching,


Pat from FL and MI said...

I would go with the black.

Debbi said...

I like the Halloween fabric that is below the NYE border. I like the colors in it with your stars. I would consider cutting it so the motfits go around not up and down as you show in your picture. Good luck with your choice. I made one of these and love it!