Thursday, October 29, 2009

Not much to report today.

Friends are on their way to a quilt retreat that I won't be able to go to this time. :~( Wadhams is a great time and its orgainzed by a couple of my friends. This time of year is difficult for me to get there so I usually go in spirit. But, this weekend is completely booked with PGS#1 coming home, he'll be 16 tomorrow. Can you believe that! He's away at school in MA and I couldn't get over how much he has grown in all ways, mentally, physically and spiritually. I am so proud of his development. Also a couple of different friends I'll be reconnecting with that I'm lookin gforward to, so I don't think I'll be able to finish assembling the back for the Alien Invasion quilt I worked on last march. I won't give away yet what I'm trying to do until I know it'll work, but here is a little peek.
DH and I are off to do some errands, seems like Thursdays are always the best day of the week for that. Enjoy your day, I know I'll enjoy mine.

I'll close with some cute photos of the youngest grandchildren that was snapped last night. Why is it that a cardboard box or a bag are childrens most fun times?

Notice the little one really doesn't care for the Flash.

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