Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quilt show this past weekend..

The CVQG of Northern NY had a wonderful quilt show this past weekend. I think it was the best one so far. I was able to work th eshow on Sunday. Actually I was scheduled to work from 10-3:00 and only worked until 2:30 since help was abundant, and my relief didn't have any scheduled time slot alloted to work. I assisted with the consignment area, white glove and Latte Lotto. Thankful I went to get a program and to vote, since during my white glove I looked at the quilts. Knowing which quilt I would vote for, then drats, no programs or paper to vote on. I wonder when they ran out. Oh well... life goes on.
To further support the guild, I bought 13 tickets for $5.00 in the Latte Lotto and WOW! I selected different items that would be nice to have or as gifts and check out my winnings.

I snapped this picture when I came home, would you believe I forgot my camera. A friend took some photos and kindly sent them to me. Hopefully later, I'll try to figure out and set up a photo album of them for viewing.
As far as the "No-Buy" pledge I took through Stashbusters, I'm happy to say I didn't break the oath. There are rules and penalties if you break them. For your information, here's the stashbuster link. (Notice, my Autumn song quilt is still on the Home page. I am so honored.)

So sayinig that, here are pictures of my purchases. Yep! I refrained really well, until I saw this BOM program for Patchabilities through Adirondack Quilts, a shop in Glens Falls, NY.

Those that haven't signed up yet for my giveaway, the drawing will be held shortly. It's still not too late.

Happy Stitching,

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