Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christmas Pot holder Tutorial

A quickie pattern link for a quick finish tutorial by Karen Neary.

What a coincindence! Diane Shink who also co-authored the book advertised on this blog was a guest speaker at our Guild on November 4th. She had many lovely quilts.This first photo is a quilt that she coined as "Bad Alice" since the dolls face looked a little miffed.

I absolutely loved this embroidered quilt. Truly beautiful and it reminds me of something my grandmother would have made.

This next one is one she made several years ago.

The Work on it was amazing, what a talented quilter.

I am taking a class with her tomorrow on finishing edges and am looking forward to it.

Happy Stitching,

PS added 11/13/09: Oooops, I had misspelled Karen Neary's last name so came back to fix it. Sorry Karen! Diane's class was very informative and I enjoyed it. I brought in an appliqued angel so I could double check my idea for the satin wrapped edges and Diane shink thought it would be a good match for a little girls doll blanket. So now to get that UFO higher on my list. I think I'll go prewash all the silky fabric for backing and the satin ribbon for the edges.

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Karen said...

Hi, Jane: Appreciate the plug for the tutorial on my blog.
BTW, my last name is "Neary" not Nealy:)
Thanks! Karen