Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2nd already!

Where does the time go? It's hard to believe that there are only 2 months left of the year. We just got all the Halloween decor put away and started retreiving the Thanksgiving items. Here's a wallhanging I hang over the back, kitchen door at this time of the year. It was made several years ago and I used scraps and stash that I had on hand. Notice the brick orange painted walls on the side of it. We had to hire someone to paint for us. Between DH's and mine health, these simple do it your self jobs are just too much for us now. Sometimes it's really difficult to swallow, but when it's necessary, you do what you have to do. Oh well, I digress.

It's always enjoyable to view but I do love it even more with the color of my kitchen as the background. NICE!

Being a member of Stashbusters, a recent topic made me chuckle. At different days, a member will give a shout out to Vacuum the floor of your sewing room, or clean up your sewing table... etc. Well today's shout out was to gather all your sewing machine feet and perhaps get a tackle box, or matchbox car case to store them in and put them away.

Yippee! That is one part of my sewing area that is organized and has been for years. Now why can't I get the rest of it together? Here is a photo of how I store my machine's feet. The container is a bead storage box that has 32 compartments. Some of the spaces are used to hold a couple of feet. I do use a numerical system to store or find which ever foot I need. How did I get so many? I guess fabric buying was not the only thing I overdid, but most feet (with the exception of some of the specialty feet) were purchased at quilt shows when most vendors offered a 25% discount. I'd bring in my handy chart of which feet I had and which new feet I'd like to get and would purchase 1 or 2 per show. Thank goodness that Bernina also puts out the volumes 1-3 of FEETURES, a very handy reference manual that I also acquired at 25% off to use as a guide and reference. Most feet have been used at least once if not more, so the expense and effort has been worth it. :~)

The feet and attachments that won't fit in that case or the base slip-off unit of my bernina go into this plastic shoe box.

This last picture illustrates how they look together on the shelf, with the exception of the cover that I removed for the photo. Nice and handy and I don't have to check all over the place. The only thing I need to do is to remember to grab whichever foot(feet) I'll need when I take a class or have a get together with friends.

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