Friday, January 1, 2010

Goals for 2010 - FOCUS

With the New Year fast approaching I've been contemplating how I want 2010 to play out. Feeling great with my tiny successes for 2009 I am ready to embrace 2010 with the same fervor.

No Buy Challenge- I consider myself very successful (Thanks Stasshbusters!). Only buying the B's backing, backgrounds, borders or bindings or if I needed something to finish a project that I would then have to use it in the next 7 days. How refreshing to stop the cycle of frivolous or spontaneous purchases.

One a Month Challenge - I surpassed this challenge with completing at least 2 each month. Most not large projects, but still finished projects. Doing a Happy Dance Now! I will still attempt the one a month challenge to progress the never ending list of UFO's.

Move more, eat less - A little bit of success with this lately, despite my body hurting so bad right now. Because of playing outdoors with the PGD#1 2 days ago I guess I moved too much and my back injury is really letting me know it didn't appreciate it. I need to really focus on my health more for 2010 and live a more balanced life.

Organizing - attempts have improved ten fold this past year that my home is becoming more like the home I always had before my injury. Thanks to the Flylady yahoo group, it helped me pull myself up by the boot straps and the premise was really simple. I just tried to keep my sinks clean. Amazing such a simple chore could do so much. Thanks Flylady- I am flying now and still have a long way to go, but my attempts are showing and it is making a difference. (Note to self - How do you eat an elephant? ......That's right, one bite at a time.)

Connecting with friends - Has improved this past year as well. With all the drugs and pain issues it surprises me how it crept into this area with a negative impact. Thanks to some good friends, I am feeling more like myself again. It's good to reconnect and find time to play. I want to do more of this in this next year too.

Economics - I have improved in many ways of my spending habits and I want to become debt free in the next 3-4 years. So, I will be focusing our monies into that and limiting some more of my frivolous spending with groceries, new hobbies, going out, etc.... Now mind you, travelling and connections are still important so I will talk with DH and we will come together to figure out a budget on how to do this and stay on track. We both heard the amount of a burial with the recent loss of our friend on Decmber 4th and it makes us aware that we should get our burial plan prepaid. That way when the time comes for either of us, it will be easier to burden the loss with most of the arrangements made and paid. NO - I AM NOT planning on exiting this world any time soon, but you never know which direction life brings you. Our lives our living proof of that!

Lastly, my blog has helped me journal my life. Trying to stay positive and not dwell on health issues. This venue has helped me tremendously and I appreciate all the new friends found through the internet. Your friendship and imput has been appreciated, considered and treasured.

2010 The Year to ”FOCUS”:

Finish at least 12 UFOs
Organize my home and studio
Can buy fabrics to finish a UFO or project
Utilize my scraps more
Shop my stash first

I will continue to do this and all I can say is stay tuned, it will be interesting to see what 2010 brings.

An optomistic Jane

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