Thursday, January 21, 2010

Look what arrived!!!

I won a giveaway from Susan Brubaker Knapp just before Christmas. It's this pattern for a Pinata Purse.

Susan Brubaker Knapp and Sarah Smith were hosting a duo giveaway and I was fortunate enough to be the winner of Susan's pattern. Now how did she know that I love bags? I am so grateful.
Since that time, I've noticed her name in other places. Such as in a video with Pokey from Quilt Arts showing free motion machine quilting and other places like advertisements in magazines. She has an amazing book out as well as check out her blog, Blue Moon River. The painting she currently doing on the orchid quilt is absolutely stunning!

Around the same time as the drawing, I had to wrap a gift for PGD#1's Christmas Party at preschool. So after pancakes for breakfast and getting her presentable, I grabbed a roll of wrapping paper, wrapped it, decorated it and labelled it. So while picking up the wrap, I boinked her gently on the head. Of course, she quickly grabbed the roll of paper and boinked me back. BUT THEN with a wicked gleam in her eye, she said, "Pretend this is a bat and you are a pinata!" all the while she was homing in towards me. So funny, I laughed and smiled over this little escapade for awhile now. Love that girl!

Stay warm and laugh often,

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