Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Saturday Gathering and Stash Report #3

I am grateful for the community of stitchers. What a gathering of talent and friendship that happened again yesterday. Quilters are such a giving group of ladies. Our little group of 8 decided to help in another charity quilt yesterday for the Eastern Star. A couple of them had purchased the fabric in shades of cream, brown and aqua, so I assisted with the math calculations in estimating how much of each fabric each lady would need to do her blocks. Needless to say, my brain was fried by the end of the day. This little gift of math used to be so much easier for me, now my brain wanders a bit and I have to step back to refocus to stay on task. Hopefully all my calculations will be right, but of course I threw in a little disclaimer to all before we ended our day. Tee hee, you just never know! ;~)

I also am amazed at the synchronicity of the universe. The book of patterns called More Biblical Quilt Blocks by Rosemary Makhan is the book that each of us choose 2 different blocks to make for this quilt. Two of the quilters owned this book, but it also happens to be the book I borrowed from our quilt guild library this past Wednesday. I had no idea or any kind of inkling that this was going on or would be. The friend who requested our group to make this for her Mom's organization is going through a very difficult time right now. So all of us were more than happy to assist her in this quest. Some things are just meant to be I guess, but I also am amazed on how connected we(human beings) are at times. It is appreciated yet at the same time humbling to witness.

Well, eyeballs are on the fabric for my little alien friend but now to make the back large enough so I can start the appliqueing the post, sign and alien onto it and in that order. I will be machine appliqueing them. I found some clip art on the web and had our local Staples Office Supply blow up the print out at 400% to get the size I envisioned. Am satisfied with that, but I am wondering how best to machine applique it. Get my fusible onto the back of the pieces? Or just use the cloth without that medium being used? Time will tell.

Here's my report of stash for week#3

Used this week: 2.5
Used Year To date: 2.5

Added This week: 0 yards
Added Year To Date: 10

Net Fabric Gained (Loss or used): 7.5 yards

Yippee! Finally showing some usage with a couple of finished projects this past week. Besides the runner being completed, a friend asked for four blocks for a project she's working on and I'm able to count that fabric as out of my stash now. Sorry, but I forgot to take photos before I gave them away but it was nice to use some of my batiks in them. Yippee!
As for the pieces of fabric I came home with yesterday, I didn't purchase it, so I won't include it in this report. BUT, NOTE TO SELF, when those blocks are done, you can't use the amounts there either Janie. Fair is Fair.

Enjoy your day,


Amy said...

Good to get with others and quilt!

Yvonne said...

I love the name of your blog. :) Thanks for stopping by.