Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quiltathon weekend

Retreat weekend, sewathon going on, well however you want to phrase it, many of my on line friends are sewing up a storm this weekend. I am amazed of how much every body gets done all the time. They produce a quilt in a week, and it takes me months. OH well, at least I am progressing more than I have been. This back injury surely limits my abilities, too often than not.

The guild my Mom belongs to in FLorida has a UFO challenge. How it works is they have you list some UFO Projects in a list and number them 1-5. Then the chair person draws out a number and you have 2 months to complete it before another number is drawn. So here is a list of the numbers and what Mom and I each plan to do for that respective number.

1-Bear Paw
2-Beth's White and Cream
3-Is her 4- Patch
4-Lone Star
5-Scrap quilt w/ prairie points
6-Moon Glow

1-Alien Invasion
2-PAtience Corners
3-Double Four PAtch
4-Montana Log Cabin
5-Snow friends and Convergence Wallhangings
6-Kashmir IV

Of course the guild has a nominal fee and prizes given out to encourage and add accountability, but I play along in Northern NY unofficially. Previous years I have NOT been too successful at finishing anything within the 2 month constraints, but this year is going to be different. SO the number I need to finish by April 13th is Number 4. Yippee! It's the one I wanted to work on next.

Happy to see progress of pgs#3 valance. I've had this mantra of

"the dreading is worse than the doing"

going on in my head recently thanks to a Ruth, a sage voice on stashbusters and it has liberated me into taking the steps to finally get to it. For such a little thing, it took up quite a bit of yardage. 2.5 yards of stash used. Right now my daughter has it to audition it in the window for the length she wants. I used the hotdog pillowcase method to sew the strips of fabric together for the hem so that way wall of hte seams are contained within. And with the overall width of 92.5 inches I figured it would be difficult to turn. Nope, not with the dimensions I used.
Note to self here: The bottom hem = 11 inches, accent band = 3 inches and the main curtain part = 18 inches. I had to get 3 WOF cuts from each fabric piece to get the required 2.5 mulitiplication in for the finished curtain width of 92.5".
Also was able to finsh a fab four of mine.

Candy Hearts from Patchabilities with a little change to the pattern. Deciding not to do the piecework in the top, that the contrast of the hearts on a solid red ground was better in my eyes so tha't what happened. But to help give it a better finish, I added a small bright white piping before doing the binding. It gave it a nice little frosted effect. I love the white fabric, it has on the selvage M.E. Hordyszynski for Michael Miller and it only has 2 paint chips 1and 5 but this fabric has a beautiful ahnd and an irridescence to it. The hanger provided with this month's kit seemed inferior than their prior months, I wonder if they have a new distributer for them. I might contact Patch-Abilities and let them know my feelings. Thank goodness I had a hanger on hand with a heart motif on it that was much better suited.

Stay well,

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Cheryl Willis said...

adorable!- great project to finish. cw