Sunday, April 4, 2010

Stash Report #14

Happy to report, I did get some fabric used this past week. So now my report is finally moving just a bit.

Used this week: 2.5 yards
Used Year To date: 18.75 yds

Added This week: 0 yards
Added Year To Date: 40.5 yards

Net Fabric Gained (Loss or used): 21.75 yards

Still showing a gain of more fabric in than out, but am finally getting to some of the little projects that have been on my "want to do list" while I wait until the next UFO number is drawn on the 14th of April. On eof the projects is to make a hospital gown for a 5 year old pre-school mate of my granddaughter. She is dealing with a malignant cancer and is receiveng chemo and radiation treatments. She is in her 3rd week of treatments and my heart just hurts for her and her family. Being into princesses, I was able to find princess fabric at Walmart. Not a great quality to it so it won't last long. I called her grandfather to find out where the ports are located so I can sew in some convenient access points. While PG#1 is here today for Easter dinner, I'll be taking measurements for length and placement since they are very similiar. If you would, please say prayers for Princess Audrey and her family. We believe in miracles.

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Barb in Mi said...

You are on the right track with your stash - and prayers are on the way! There is nothiggn more heart breaking than sick kids. I am sure she will love the new princess gown you are making!