Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all Mothers enjoyed their special day. BY sleeping in late, breakfast in bed, flowers picked by someone special, however you were honored I hope you reveled in it.

I enjoyed mine. DH and I traveled to VT to see The Inn at Shelburne and enjoyed the self guided tour.

This was a beautifully carved table in the game room.

Carved legs on a set of 4 chairs also in the game room. They are dated approximately 1890's or there about.

An inlaid mahogany armoir in one of the bedrooms upstairs. Gorgeous! Would you believe the interior of the armoir also had inlaid details. Incredible.

A magnificent house that is now an Inn. Imagine the structured and strict lifestyles they endured.

I never realized that a Vanderbilt ancester made a home so close to where I live. What an extraordinary dwelling. The views were incredible inside the house, of the grounds and out buildings, as well as the mountains of NY seen across Lake Champlain. The lilacs were in bloom despite a very blustery, brisk and cold day.

Despite a threat of snow mixed in the rain, we enjoyed a nice evening out. I was able to wear my new necklace that I made from a wire wrap class I took at A Mano studio the day before. Check it out.

The set of earrings with pendant in Onyx is what I made from the silver wrap class taught by a lady who also works at the local hospital. I was surprised that I could do the pendant. But for the earrings, I had alot of trouble. With the numbness and weakness in my hands from my back injury, it was very difficult and I had to rely on the teacher for the finesse of my earrings and the bale on my pendant. But all in all, I'm rather pleased with my final results. Oh No! Perhaps it's another hobby coming on? Oh well, I won't mind as long as I don't get too many UFOs put aside.


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