Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Look what came.. and Lil Peep, tout fini!

Check out what came by the post this morning.

Investigating further, I kept finding more and more lovely goodies. Love the quilted little bag and the quilted holder that came with it too. Thank you Vicki C! She also enclosed a couple of patterns, a seam ripper token that is essentially a needle stuck into a cork for ripping out any unwanted stitches, besides several fabrics and some hexagon paper piecing kits. It feels like Christmas with so many great and practical gifts. I won the giveaway she hosted at her - my creative corner blog.

I really appreciate them. Thank you Vicki. If you get a chance, check out her blog. She always is getting so many things done. She's very creative yet down to earth. What an inspiration.
Watching Avatar was on my want to see list, so this is what I was working on last night while watching it.

What is it? you say.... Well it's to finish my lil' peep from the Silver Needle.

11 Count Aida with Chick- Medici Light yellow, Lavender Splendor silk 8 strands, Pink Fyreworks 1 strand, Artic Rays and Green Flair 1 strand each for the grass besides DMC.

The kit came with 7 ct Klostern but after several stitches, I did not care for the way the fabric was visible through the stitching, so changed it to an 11 count Aida. I am way, way early for Easter 2011. LOL!
I've had this kit in for about 3 or 4 years, since I picked up a couple of Silver Needle kits for a song on ebay. I was finally able to stitch them up in time for the holidays this past spring, but couldn't find the right fibers to complete them in a timely manner. It's no mistake saying them either, another one will be visble soon, but that's for a March Holday.
I do miss Joann's when it used to be in town. It was a haven I would return to weekly. Thank goodness for Michaels, that we at least have a bit of a selection, but I do mean a bit. This purple ribbon is the 3rd ribbon I purchased to finish this before I was satisfied with how the end result would look. Did a lot of auditioning and a couple of others could have worked, but I was not impressed so ditched each one consecutively. So it was great to finish it while watching a terrific movie.

The fabric I used to make my second flat fold also came out of my stash. I used the tutorial from Vonna of the twisted stitcher blog, but got ahead of myself a couple of times so had to undo and redo. Thanks Vonna, I am learning. I'm hoping to be able to get this done soon without studying your tutorial print out though.

Another fat quarter gone, yippee.
A finished Easter "Lil' PEEP", fantastic.
Gifts from cyber friends, Priceless.

Enjoy your day,

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Vonna said...

Looks GREAT Jane :)
Love the rusched ribbon edging...just jazzes it up, doesn't it?
Can I ask about the wool in your header? Where did you get it?