Monday, June 7, 2010


Lupine growing where it wasn't planted but looking great where it is.

One of my poppy plants. This one had around 40+ flowers, it was spectacular!

The grapes on the grapevine are abundant this year. Those nasty schaefer beatles haven't gotten to it yet, but they have devoured my snowball bush. Seems like they love the white or very light colored flowers and tender shoots. I'll get hubs to spray and try to protect our grape clusters tomorrow.

The hurrier I go, the slower I seem to get. Despite my repeated efforts at organizing and cleaning my home there remains an unending list of areas that need attention and chores that need to get done. We had started some seeds indoors for our garden, but as yet, they need to be planted outside. A friend went to a Kripalu retreat recently and she came home with a new mantra- "HURRY SLOWLY". Makes you think doesn't it.
Perhaps I should take that mantra up as well besides already actually doing it because of my my pain conundrums. Hopefully I'll be able to report that the little bit of garden we will be putting in this year will be done by next week.

The problem that our old garden has it has a WEED from H*** in it and I can't get rid of it. I even removed all of my perenials and stripped them down to the bare bulbs sacrificing the flowers for a season to try to eliminate it before being replanted but the pervasive weed still remains and thrives. I'm leaning towards the thought that I need to place a barrier within my garden to totally stop the invasion towards the rest of my perenials, rhubarb, pear tree and such and call that area the weed garden. Hubs has started mowing paths through the lower garden to try to enjoy some of the flowers there. He even used killers in my garden which worked great on the plants but not on the weed! Go figure.

This is what it looks like:

See how the vegetation reminds you of a Chrysanthamum leaf. Sorry if I tortured the spelling.

Any ideas? I need help. I'll be stopping by the Cooperative Extension office tomorrow to see what they recommend.
So with that going on in the garden, we thought of having some raised beds with new soil and start again. GRRRRRRRR..... It's hard enough to feel well enough trying to keep up, without all that extra work, but it is worth it and there is nothing better than home grown tomatoes and freshly picked peas.


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Lori said...

weed from hell. Hmmmm. I don't recognize it, but the extension office should be able to help. My wild morning glories (creeping jinny??) seem to get into everything, but I can usually pull enough of them to keep them from taking over. Hey, half my plants are viney stuff-and they take over!