Sunday, August 22, 2010

I want one of these....

I'm sure many of you have watched the quilting trends and seen many bloggers that are lucky (smart) enough to already have acquired one of these. This is where I am lying on the floor wailing like a younster and saying (in a very whniney voice) I want one too!

The ease of trying to cut my fabrics would be so much easier for me because of my continued conundrums of my hernaited disc impinging my spinal cord. It affects all my extremities and some days it's just beyond what I can manage. This would be heaven sent! Maybe someday when my ship comes in or I get really lucky like Karrie Lyn over at the Freckled Whimsey. In the meantime I continue to check out the dies they have and where the company is headed. Check it out for yourself on the Accuquilt web page.

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sewmeow said...

There are a few GO cutter giveaways GOing on right now. Mine is one of them, and hope you entered my giveaway. GO to accuquilt's facebook page for more info. Good luck.