Sunday, August 29, 2010

What's been going on:

It's been a very busy weekend:

Mom and Jim came over and spent their last night up north with us on Friday night. Knowing that they would be heading out early Saturday morning (back towards Florida with visiting different family members along the way), I precooked the bacon Friday AM for our Saturday morning breakfast.
So Friday night, as we were all tired after a nice dinner out (their treat) we set a time table for breakfast at 6:30. That way they could be on the road at 7am. Imagine my dismay when I woke up at 6:25 and their vehicle was gone. POOF! There goes that plan. I was very disappointed since my Mom is 78 this year and with the possibility of never seeing her again without giving her a proper goodbye, just plan hurts. I'm surprised that I am crying as I'm typing this since I don't try to make any ruckus or upset people (esp. family) with unrealistic demands. I understand why Mom cut out early, but I am hurt none the less.

So next on the weekend agenda is a wedding. Good friends of ours' second son married a lovely girl this weekend. Neither DH or I had planned on staying too late at the reception, but what a party! Friends to reconnect with, dancing and partying, we had a great time. Did I mention the bride's parents had an open bar for 6 hours! (Yikes! Can you imagine that tab.) It was held at an upscale restaurant in Lake Placid and it was so much fun. The newly married couple are in love and that was quite evident to all that attended. Good Luck Jason and Emily! May you have many blessings on this next journey of your lives together.

Then today was another slightly emotional day. A local 5 year old girl has a horrible cancer - Rhabdomyosarcoma. A benefit was held to help defray some costs the family is incurring while seeking medical treatment. This little princess angel also was in preschool with our little granddaughter, so we know her and her family well. The benefit today looked like it was a great success which I am so thankful for. Good Luck Princess Audrey! You are quite loved by your family, the community and us. We pray and hope that you stay strong to beat this disease and stay as beautiful as ever.

This evening I plan on working more on my backing for the alien invasion. I need to figure out how to fix a mouth or facial features on this beast.

Any ideas? Oh well, I'm off to play.

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